Our new arrival

We don’t often share personal news on the blog but as so many recent clients have no doubt noticed we’ve been expecting a new addition to the Fazackarley family. Well a few weeks ago Heather and I welcomed our baby daughter Robyn Rose Fazackarley!

Leah & Adam’s Awesome Wedding Newspaper

A few weeks ago a large envelope dropped through my door containing a thank you card from Leah and Adam (you might remember I shot their beautiful wedding back in August), but also inside the envelope was an incredible handmade newspaper full of all the photographs I took at their wedding! Leah & Adam had made the paper to send out as a thank you to all their wedding guests and it’s such a cool idea. Take a look at their handiwork below – these two are seriously creative!

And a massive thanks to Leah & Adam – your newspaper made my day! x

Laura & Kevin two years later

Now, many of you who have looked at my sample albums will recognize these two, for those of you who don’t, let me introduce you to Laura & Kevin! They married August ’08 in Lewes & were one of the couples that really helped define my style & gave me so many ideas for the future of my business! They had a gorgeous, intimate wedding filled with so many really nice, welcoming people & it really confirmed that wedding photography was the direction I was meant to go in!

Over the past year I’ve been using their wedding as a sample album, & I’ve lost count of the number of people that have fallen in love with all the gorgeous moments & details! – So I just had to share the latest news with you all!

Food photography in Lewes

A little while ago I was invited out to one of my favourite wedding venues, The Shelleys Hotel – a gorgeous hotel in one of Sussex’s loveliest towns – Lewes. Maybe I’m a little biased, I spent my college days in Lewes (& a bit of University!) & it’s a cool little place, with an immense number of pubs… & it’s usually sunny! – if people ask me for a location for portrait sessions, or engagement shoots I often suggest Lewes! (or Loo’s as some people call it – you know who you are!)

Anyway, I have a great relationship with the Shelleys. So when they asked me to stop by and shoot some photos of their food, for a new restauraunt menu, I was more than happy to oblige!

Since doing these photos, Brighton Food Photographer Heather Wilkinson has joined the team, so for any future food photography – please contact her directly!

Editorial Food Photography

A few days ago while I was out in Lewes photographing food,  I took the opportunity to grab a few photographs of the chef in action! Obviously, food isn’t my specialty (well, excluding eating it, I’m pretty good at that…) so I jumped at the opportunity to do something a little more journalistic, & I’m really pleased with them! I’d love to do something for a recipe book one day – I have enough of them in my kitchen, would be awesome to have my pictures in one!!

A larger blog post with the final photos of the finished meals will be following shortly… consider this a starter!

Sarah’s Bridal Session in Brighton

Last Sunday, I had a shoot scheduled with my great friend,  Hayley (who is a fab Cambridge Wedding Photographer!!) & the lovely Heather, We were due to be working with a model, in a similar way as with the poppy shoot from a few months back, but at the last minute our model had to pull out, Luckily Sarah was more than eager to make the trip down from London to hang out with us for the day! Seriously, how cool was that of her to pose for us!! I think she did a fab job as a model for the day! Thanks Sarah!!

To make things even more interesting Sarah jumped into her wedding dress, (from her wedding, last month at Bury Court) & we wandered around Brighton for a bridal session, Starting at Brighton Pier & wandering through the lanes towards the fabulously busy North Laine, attracting more attention than I thought was possible in the liberalest of all Cities!! Seriously, naked dudes attract less attention than we did! Whats up with that?!?

& at one stage we even had a tourist asking to pose for pictures…Guess he thought Sarah was a celebrity!! Crazy!

Anyway, it was a great fun day, we hunted for the gorgeous light & we found some fantastic locations on the way, that I will definitely be using in the future, although a certain smelly doorway will never be used again. EVER.

So, without further ado, here are what a few of you have been waiting (impatiently) for!!