Now, many of you who have looked at my sample albums will recognize these two, for those of you who don’t, let me introduce you to Laura & Kevin! They married August ’08 in Lewes & were one of the couples that really helped define my style & gave me so many ideas for the future of my business! They had a gorgeous, intimate wedding filled with so many really nice, welcoming people & it really confirmed that wedding photography was the direction I was meant to go in!

Over the past year I’ve been using their wedding as a sample album, & I’ve lost count of the number of people that have fallen in love with all the gorgeous moments & details! – So I just had to share the latest news with you all!

I got an email from Laura a few months ago, telling me she was pregnant! – I was so excited for them! They are going to make seriously great parents!! Not just great, but baby Converse’s great.

We’ve been meaning to get together & catch up for a while now, so when this email came through it gave us the perfect opportunity for another portrait session… only with more ‘bump’ than the last one! – yes I was a bit nervous, as I’ve never done a maternity shoot before, but I know what a great couple they are to photograph, so It was lovely to catch up with them & grab a few gorgeous pictures for them to cherish!

We went up to Woods Mill in Sussex¬† for the gorgeous bluebells! The weather was pretty bad, but it didn’t rain, so a good time were had & some great images too!

I also tried out some new shooting styles & processing techniques in these, as Laura & Kevin are always happy to let me be a bit creative!