How to feel comfortable for your pre wedding photography session

Ok, so you’ve booked your pre wedding photography with a badass wedding photographer and now the nerves are starting to kick in:

What shall I wear?

Where is the best location?

How shall I pose?

I hate having my photo taken!

And most importantly, how do I look nice in the photos?!

It’s not just you

Firstly, let’s get one thing straight. The majority of people don’t like having their photo taken. It’s natural to feel self-conscious in front of the camera and 9/10 of our couples say this to us. Most people are not models or Youtube personalities! It’s the job of a good wedding photographer to make you feel at ease and let your personality shine through. One of the benefits of having an engagement session is that it gives you the chance to get used to being photographed before your wedding day, as well as you and your photographer having the chance to get to know each other a bit too.


Speak up

If you don’t feel comfortable doing something the photographer has asked you to do then feel free to say no! It’s our job as photographers to give you a bit of direction when required, but if you wouldn’t normally hold hands or kiss in public then let your photographer know. If it feels unnatural to you it will probably look unnatural in the photographs too!


What to wear

It sounds obvious but we always suggest wearing something you feel comfortable in. There’s no need to dress formally unless that’s your usual style. Your wedding day is your chance to get dressed up so it’s totally ok to be more informal in your engagement style attire. If you love wearing jeans, wear jeans! These are your photos so think about how you’d like them to look.



You may want to suggest somewhere that holds some significance for you – perhaps where your partner proposed, where you went on your first date or where you first met. But there’s no pressure to do this, if you just want a nice set of photographs then leave the location planning to your photographer. But you can also use your engagement session as a chance to get a bit more creative and design the look of your images – perhaps you want to wear bright colors against a backdrop of grey urban architecture monotones and colorful graffiti, or city style with a soft countryside backdrop. Of course there’s no reason why you can’t have your engagement session in your own home too if that’s where you’re most comfortable.



While there are no rules when it comes to pre wedding photography, there are times of day when the light is better so let your photographer provide guidance here. During the summer months we will often schedule our sessions for the hours just before sunset, or just after sunrise – as this is when the most beautiful light comes out to play!


Have fun

Sometimes there’s no getting away from the fact that having your photograph taken by a stranger is going to feel a bit awkward, at least at the start of the session, but our best advice is to embrace it and try to have a bit of fun. Hopefully you’ll find that your pre wedding photography session is not nearly as nerve-racking as you might have thought and by the time your wedding comes you’ll be much more comfortable in front of the camera.

pre-wedding-photography-brighton-024 pre-wedding-photography-brighton-026

To see more examples of pre wedding photography sessions, head over to:


Wedding Photography Group Photos

I often get asked about Wedding Photography Group Photos – so I thought I’d write a little post discussing group photos & how they fit into my wedding photography.

The majority of my style & the way I work on a wedding day, is relaxed, informal and involves me blending into the background, allowing events to unfold naturally & without direction. However I often get asked about the more formal parts of the day, such as group photos! I thought I’d write a little post about how I tackle group photographs and how I work in a relaxed, light and efficient manner, so as to minimize their impact on the flow of your day.

Group shots are important, there’s no two way’s about it – they are. It’s not often you have all of your family in one place at the same time, all looking wonderful & happy. In recent years the focus of wedding photography has moved away from group shots and into photojournalism, the documentary style of photography, & rightly so – it’s a lot more honest to the emotions of the day & considerably more fun than standing in a line for countless hours doing a plethora of variations of the same stiff, formal groups!

But in the past 12 years (& hundreds of weddings!) I have only encountered a handful of couples who absolutely didn’t want any group shots – (and that’s totally fine!), but the vast majority of my clients want, at least some – & it’s part of my job to ensure they fit into the day as efficiently and easily as possible.

I suggest my clients provide me with a list of around 8-10 groups.  A good example of this might be:

Bride w/ Bridesmaids

Groom w/Groomsmen

Bride & Groom w/ Bride’s Parents

Bride & Groom w/ Bride’s Immediate Family

Bride & Groom w/ Groom’s Parents

Bride & Groom w/ Groom’s Immediate Family

Bride & Groom w/ Both Immediate Families

Bride & Groom w/ Everyone

But this is by no means the only variations we can do, I’m happy to do whatever you’d like!

I find 8-10 groups can easily be done during the drinks reception & should take no more than 20-30 minutes. Some couples also like to suggest a handful of additional groups that we can pull together throughout the day if time permits – I’m not averse to doing a quick 30 second, 3-4 person group shot in the middle of the dance floor if needs be ;) But by spreading them throughout the day we can minimize the impact on both your schedule & your patience!


Another thing to have a think about, is which group shots are truly important to you, it’s very easy to say ‘we need one with Aunt Mary, then another with Aunt Mary & Great Aunt sally, then another with Mary, Sally & all the ladies from the church, then another.. ‘ but factoring in that each of these shots will take around 5-10 minutes to pull together, (longer if Sally’s at the bar!) so you have to consider if you are so keen on these photos that you’d like them to take up half an hour of your one and a half hour drinks reception? I’m happy either way, but its something to think about given the limited time.

Another great thing to help speed up the group shots, is to provide me with a guide or two – people who know both sides of the families, ushers or bridesmaids perhaps, whose job it is to help gather the required people and fetch any stragglers hiding at the bar.

With regards locations, I’ll always scout out some possible areas that would work – often early on the day of the wedding, so that we know what the weather is like & can pick somewhere appropriate. Whilst it may be beautiful, It’s not ideal to pick a location atop a hillside a few weeks in advance, only to find that on the day it’s pouring with rain & going to make for some very unhappy guests!

Often I’ll find somewhere near to the drinks reception location, so that we’re not taking guests too far away from the party! – This in turn can make quite a feature of the group photos, as other guests can take their own photos etc.

sussex-wedding-photographer-group-photos-023 sussex-wedding-photographer-group-photos-018

For smaller group shots, for example those with your bridesmaids, groomsmen etc. we might choose to do these a little farther afield, as taking a handful of your closest friends away for 5 minutes to a beautiful location, is far easier, logistically, than transporting 100 of your nearest and dearest – And makes for some gorgeous photos too!


Some people choose to have a big group shot of everyone, & for this I often suggest one of two options – either somewhere I can get elevation, for example a window or balcony – allowing me to shoot down at the crowd below. Alternatively somewhere I can place guests with a variety of elevations, stairs for example, allowing me to be sure of capturing everyone’s faces!

sussex-wedding-photographer-group-photos-027 sussex-wedding-photographer-group-photos-016 sussex-wedding-photographer-group-photos-025sussex-wedding-photographer-group-photos-002

Sometimes the group shots can also lead onto more fun ones, like this confetti shot, which followed straight on from Anne & Matt‘s big group photo.


I hope this article has proven helpful, but if you have any questions about wedding photography group photos, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Get in touch!

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