Summer press coverage

I’m always really proud of all the weddings I shoot, and I love it when magazines & blogs want to feature them as inspiration for their readers. This has been a busy few months in terms of press coverage, and I’m delighted to have my work featured in three wedding magazines: two separate issues of Wedding Ideas (May & September) and Perfect Wedding (September).

Village Fete Wedding Photography – Charlie & James

Charlie & James had a village fete theme for their wedding at Duncton Village Hall & I can’t imagine the theme suiting any couple better – Totally relaxed, tons of fun – epic day. I knew they were going to be my kind of clients from their engagement session, but their wedding blew every expectation to pieces. It.. was… mega… Made all the more personal by having family & friends play huge parts in the day! 

A Brighton Engagement : Charlie & James

I was planning on blogging a wedding today (a gorgeous one!) – but thought I’d go for something a bit different… Here’s Charlie & James’ engagement session from this weekend, Sometimes my job really doesn’t feel like a job at all… this sessions a perfect example of this!! – Thanks for an awesome day guys, tasty lunch (Tapas=mmmmm!), a delicious dinner! (steak! yay!) & hopefully – some gorgeous photographs!

Essentially, we wandered around Brighton, avoiding the rain (yes, contrary to popular belief, I can cope with less than So.Cal weather!!), looking for cool locations & finding the pretty light…