Buckinghamshire Wedding Photography – Lizzie & Duncan

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of traveling to Buckinghamshire to photograph Lizzie & Duncan’s wedding.

I’d been looking forward to their wedding ever since skyping with Lizzie & hearing all about their plans – they wanted a wedding that was part garden party, part festival – all the things I love in a wedding! & with their talented, creative, bunch of friends providing lots of the entertainment, decoration & indeed food, I knew it was going to be a cracking day.

Brighton College Wedding Photography – Charlotte & Robin

Charlotte & Robin are two of the friendliest folks you can meet, so it was such a pleasure to photograph their big day! Not least because their venues were steeped in my own personal history!

They tied the knot at the lovely St. John the Baptist Church in Kemptown, many years ago I went to the School attached to that church, so we used to regularly attend & have christmas carol concerts there, & I’ve known the Priest – the wonderful Father Foley, for as long as I can remember!

Then they went onto Brighton college for their reception, a lovely building right in the heart of Kemptown – I sat their entrance exams when I was a child – but life had other plans for me!

It was great to be able to see the venues in completely new light for their wedding, all at once surreal and fantastic – filled with love and laughter, instead of exams & mandatory singing!

Heather Wilkinson assisted me at this wedding =). 

West Wittering Wedding Photography – Emily & Stuart

I first got to know Emily and Stuart when they were the Bridesmaid & Usher at a previous wedding I’d shot (the lovely Kate and David, who in a wonderful role reversal were Bridesmaid & Usher today!) so I knew their wedding would be a lot of fun – and I knew a lot of their friends too, so it was great to catch up with them again! Newick Rugby club sure know how to have a good time!

Emily and Stu had chosen a circus theme for their reception – with a marquee set up to look like a big-top, hula hoops, plate-spinning and a circus tent cake. Emily even arrived at the church in the most amazing clown-themed car!

Everything a wedding should be – family, friends and a lot of fun!

I had the ultra talented Heather Wilkinson helping me out at this wedding! 

Newick Wedding Photography – Kate & David

Kate & David got married earlier this year in Newick, a lovely little village in Sussex. Newick is a village I’d driven through more times that I can remember, but had no clue how lovely the community contained within was!

Fortunately that all changed at Kate & David’s wedding – Lovely is an understatement – from beginning to end, this crowd knew how to have fun!

Photographing Kate’s bridal preparations, at The Chequers,Maresfield, was a surreal experience in itself, as 3 of the four people in the room were my clients, all of whose weddings were rapidly approaching! In addition to Kate there was Emily, Kates’ lovely bridesmaid & Jeni, an immensely skilled make up artist. So I was certainly feeling the pressure to be on my best behaviour otherwise I would have been in for a few months of awkwardness!

Festival Wedding Photography – Holly & Nick

At weddings, I always try and become a part of whatever group of people I’m working with. I love it when guests ask me how I know the bride & groom, and whether I was a friend of their’s before they booked me to capture their day!

Rarely does it come as easy as with Holly & Nick, & their guests – the friendliest, most welcoming bunch of people you could hope to meet! A fantastic combination of folks from the UK & Denmark – Brought together over a mutual love of Holly & Nico… & Real Ale.

When I arrived at Holly’s parents house the morning of her & Nicks wedding, the place was a hive of activity, everyone was contributing – from final checks to the marquee, to tapping barrels & labelling up the beer van, to assembling the buttonholes, to attaching balloons to lampposts! – everyone was involved & working hard to ensure the day went perfectly! But never too busy to offer me a cup of tea of make me feel welcome! (Thank you!)

It was obvious how much love there was for H&N & I was so pleased to be there to document it all! I love days with tons of character & personality – suffice to say, their day had pints of it! (keeping the real ale theme going!)

There are a ton of pictures, but anyone that makes it to the end will be rewarded with a rave & some amazing dancing! 

Pangdean Barns Wedding Photography – Kate & Lincoln

After meeting them, hanging out with them for their engagement session & getting to know them over the course of a year – Kate & Lincoln’s wedding was a day that couldn’t arrive quick enough for me – everytime I saw that Kate had visited my website (My web stats show a lot of visits from San Francisco, I don’t know anyone but K&L in SF!) the anticipation increased just that bit more! So even though the weather was not kind (massive understatement), it was still a brilliant, beautiful day filled to the brim with emotion, excitement & fun.

I started the day briefly with Lincoln in the pub. Mainly as I’d already been to see Kate, when the bridesmaids, in various state of preparedness, ran away like startled deer – albeit way more glamorous! 

Ote Hall Wedding : Amanda & Glenn

It seems like ages ago I shot this wedding, I’m terribly behind in my blogging & after the 4 5 6 hours it’s taken me to upload this post, (technical difficulties!!) it’s no wonder!! silly blog. silly host. *looks menacingly at BT*

Anyway, this is Amanda & Glenn’s wedding from wayyyy back in June! – You’ll remember their Brighton Engagement photos a few months back – the engagement was awesome fun & the wedding, well I knew it would be – BRILLIANT! Amanda & Glenn’s aim in life is to have more fun than anyone else & it totally shone through in their day! I Loved being a part of it!

I had the supremely talented, but sadly northern accented, Stuart James shoot with me on this one & it was great! – Can’t wait to shoot more with him in the future! Think our styles came together really nicely!

Anyway, Without further introduction, enjoy the pictures!