Food photography in Lewes

A little while ago I was invited out to one of my favourite wedding venues, The Shelleys Hotel – a gorgeous hotel in one of Sussex’s loveliest towns – Lewes. Maybe I’m a little biased, I spent my college days in Lewes (& a bit of University!) & it’s a cool little place, with an immense number of pubs… & it’s usually sunny! – if people ask me for a location for portrait sessions, or engagement shoots I often suggest Lewes! (or Loo’s as some people call it – you know who you are!)

Anyway, I have a great relationship with the Shelleys. So when they asked me to stop by and shoot some photos of their food, for a new restauraunt menu, I was more than happy to oblige!

Since doing these photos, Brighton Food Photographer Heather Wilkinson has joined the team, so for any future food photography – please contact her directly!