Pangdean Barn Wedding Photography

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing lots of weddings all across the UK, but being based in Brighton, I often get asked about Pangdean Barn Wedding Photography. I love photographing weddings at Pangdean Barn and in recent years it’s become a really popular venue due to its close proximity to Brighton. It’s a fab place for a party – surrounded by beautiful countryside & has tons of wonderful inside space for the colder months, or when the British summertime is a bit wet.

The roof in the main barn is ridiculously beautiful & decorated with thousands of fairy lights – it makes for amazing photos & beautiful soft light.

I’ve photographed weddings there all year round: from spring & summer – where we’ve been able to make the most of the wonderful gardens to cosy winter weddings where it’s been dark from 3pm & everyone is huddles up toasting marshmallows around the Chimineas outside.

One of my favourite memories from Wedding Photography at Pangdean Barns was from Kate & Lincoln’s wedding, the rain was pouring down outside, as it had been the majority of the day, but inside the barn was filled with such a warmth – both a physical, comforting warmth, But also an emotional one from the guests & from Kate who was having the absolute time of her life, surrounded by all her closest family and friends. It didn’t matter that the weather was so bad, nobody cared – as the important stuff was happening inside & nothing could put a damper on that!

Of course, whilst that was the first to come to mind, I’ve many other wonderful memories from each & every wedding I’ve photographed both at Pangdean & elsewhere!

Here are a few of my favourites from recent Pangdean Barn Wedding Photography & there are links to full weddings below:

Some examples of Pangdean Barn Wedding Photography include:

Katie & Jason

Kate & Lincoln

Jacqueline & David

Hannah & Jamie

Emma & Dan

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Brighton Wedding Photography – Jen & Steve

Steve & Jen’s wedding (part one! – part two to follow!) took place last November, in Brighton – it was a secret ceremony with only myself and two witnesses present – witnesses who go by the name Marilyn & Elvis…

We started off having a little engagement session fun around the Lanes of Brighton & ended up with a wedding, was a roller coaster of a day. One that I am immeasurably grateful to have been a part of!

Their wedding has been featured on RocknRollBride, so head over there for the full write up!

Brighton College Wedding Photography – Charlotte & Robin

Charlotte & Robin are two of the friendliest folks you can meet, so it was such a pleasure to photograph their big day! Not least because their venues were steeped in my own personal history!

They tied the knot at the lovely St. John the Baptist Church in Kemptown, many years ago I went to the School attached to that church, so we used to regularly attend & have christmas carol concerts there, & I’ve known the Priest – the wonderful Father Foley, for as long as I can remember!

Then they went onto Brighton college for their reception, a lovely building right in the heart of Kemptown – I sat their entrance exams when I was a child – but life had other plans for me!

It was great to be able to see the venues in completely new light for their wedding, all at once surreal and fantastic – filled with love and laughter, instead of exams & mandatory singing!

Heather Wilkinson assisted me at this wedding =). 

Pangdean Barns Wedding Photography – Kate & Lincoln

After meeting them, hanging out with them for their engagement session & getting to know them over the course of a year – Kate & Lincoln’s wedding was a day that couldn’t arrive quick enough for me – everytime I saw that Kate had visited my website (My web stats show a lot of visits from San Francisco, I don’t know anyone but K&L in SF!) the anticipation increased just that bit more! So even though the weather was not kind (massive understatement), it was still a brilliant, beautiful day filled to the brim with emotion, excitement & fun.

I started the day briefly with Lincoln in the pub. Mainly as I’d already been to see Kate, when the bridesmaids, in various state of preparedness, ran away like startled deer – albeit way more glamorous! 

Pangdean Barns Wedding Photography – Emma & Dan

Last month was crazy, I shot more weddings in August, than I did in my entire first year of business & and I loved every single one!

Emma & Dan are awesome, totally lovely people & I knew their wedding day was going to be a stylish affair! After seeing how relaxed & fun they were in front of the camera on their engagement session it was a day I’d been looking forward to for ages!  OK, so it rained a bit… but that didn’t stop them having a great time & it certainly didn’t stop me getting pretty pictures…

Sarah’s Bridal Session in Brighton

Last Sunday, I had a shoot scheduled with my great friend,  Hayley (who is a fab Cambridge Wedding Photographer!!) & the lovely Heather, We were due to be working with a model, in a similar way as with the poppy shoot from a few months back, but at the last minute our model had to pull out, Luckily Sarah was more than eager to make the trip down from London to hang out with us for the day! Seriously, how cool was that of her to pose for us!! I think she did a fab job as a model for the day! Thanks Sarah!!

To make things even more interesting Sarah jumped into her wedding dress, (from her wedding, last month at Bury Court) & we wandered around Brighton for a bridal session, Starting at Brighton Pier & wandering through the lanes towards the fabulously busy North Laine, attracting more attention than I thought was possible in the liberalest of all Cities!! Seriously, naked dudes attract less attention than we did! Whats up with that?!?

& at one stage we even had a tourist asking to pose for pictures…Guess he thought Sarah was a celebrity!! Crazy!

Anyway, it was a great fun day, we hunted for the gorgeous light & we found some fantastic locations on the way, that I will definitely be using in the future, although a certain smelly doorway will never be used again. EVER.

So, without further ado, here are what a few of you have been waiting (impatiently) for!!