Wedding Photographers in Surrey

We’re Wedding Photographers in Surrey & we absolutely love our job. We get to spend the day with loved up couples & their family & friends, in some stunning locations & everyone has a great big party! It’s brilliant!

We photograph moments, details, portraits & everything in between to tell their story. Photographing weddings from the perspective of a guest, we blend in with your wedding party and tell the story as it happens, without interfering or taking away from the intimacy of your day.

Some of our favorite Surrey venues include; Hampton Court House, Hampton Court Palace, The Barn at Bury Court, Nonsuch Manor, Cain Manor,  Greyfriars House, The Bingham Hotel & Great Fosters, but with so many other stunning venues & such a wide array of beautiful countryside it’s a great county for a wedding!

Over recent years we’ve had the pleasure of joining lots of couples for their big day throughout Surrey & beyond, here are a few of our favourite photos:


From church weddings, to teepee’s in fields, to barns full of bunting, we’ve photographed hundreds of different weddings in a wide variety of different locations & each & everyone has been beautiful.

Every wedding is different & every wedding has its own unique story that we aim to capture.

Our style is about photographing the day as it happens, capturing the atmosphere & storing the details that will bring back all the sights & sounds, the laughter & tears. We want your wedding photographs to bring back the memories of a beautiful day & put you right back to where you were when it all happened.

From your guests having an amazing time sipping prosecco & eating canapes in the sun, to aunties throwing shapes on the dance floor – weddings are made of beautiful moments & we capture them, then use them to tell the story.


Moments like this remind us why we are wedding photographers, the exhilaration of coming out of your ceremony, to the sounds of cheering from your guests & the taste of confetti (yup, it often ends up in mouths!)

It’s the epitome of a happy day. We love it as its so colorful & looks amazing in photographs.

It’s all about the moments, the moment shared between grandparents, relatives & friends, these are the things that tell the story & capture the wedding day in all its glory. These are the moments that often go unnoticed, but we pride ourselves on capturing & commemorating. We know how important family bonds are, we know how sometimes life gets in the way of us spending time with our families – but we know these moments are those we treasure the most.


If you’re looking for wedding photographers in Surrey (or anywhere else – we love to travel!!) & like the sound of what we do, please get in touch!

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Cain Manor Wedding Photography – Catherine & Jon

Catherine & Jon are two thoroughly lovely people, with the most welcoming group of family and friends.  They started the day at Old Thorn’s Manor Hotel, before moving onto St. John The Baptist Church, and then Cain Manor – a trio of great venues!

The weather was absolutely perfect and everyone just had a really chilled, relaxed day – so much so that they were up for getting creative with group shots. I even managed to steal Catherine & Jon away at Sunset for a few photos in some of the most gorgeous light I’ve seen in a long time!

They had myself & Heather along for the day to document the fun, laughter, love (& jumping!)

Festival Wedding Photography – Holly & Nick

At weddings, I always try and become a part of whatever group of people I’m working with. I love it when guests ask me how I know the bride & groom, and whether I was a friend of their’s before they booked me to capture their day!

Rarely does it come as easy as with Holly & Nick, & their guests – the friendliest, most welcoming bunch of people you could hope to meet! A fantastic combination of folks from the UK & Denmark – Brought together over a mutual love of Holly & Nico… & Real Ale.

When I arrived at Holly’s parents house the morning of her & Nicks wedding, the place was a hive of activity, everyone was contributing – from final checks to the marquee, to tapping barrels & labelling up the beer van, to assembling the buttonholes, to attaching balloons to lampposts! – everyone was involved & working hard to ensure the day went perfectly! But never too busy to offer me a cup of tea of make me feel welcome! (Thank you!)

It was obvious how much love there was for H&N & I was so pleased to be there to document it all! I love days with tons of character & personality – suffice to say, their day had pints of it! (keeping the real ale theme going!)

There are a ton of pictures, but anyone that makes it to the end will be rewarded with a rave & some amazing dancing! 

The Barn at Bury Court Wedding Photography – Victoria & Jon

Victoria & Jon got married at The Barn at Bury Court; having shot their engagement in the new forest & getting to know them over the past year or so, it was a day I’d been looking forward to for ages! It was doubley exciting, as I’ve been working with Victoria on a few other projects this past year; & over business lunches (mmm burgers!) I’d heard stories about their families, so I felt like I knew everyone before the day even began – & putting faces to names was great fun!

Featuring special guest appearances from Carolanne Armstrong & The Wedding Reporter

Bury Court Barn Wedding Photography – Louise & Craig

Louise & Craig got married earlier in the year, at the fantastic Barn at Bury Court, a venue I’ve had the privilege of working at before – It’s always a lot of fun there & after shooting Louise & Craig’s engagement I knew their day was going to be special & filled with fun. Sadly Kane, their beautiful dog couldn’t make an appearance, but it was a great day none-the-less, filled with smiles, laughter & tons of happiness!

I started with Louise & the girls at The Bush Hotel, Farnham:

Bingham Hotel Wedding Photography – Mary & Will

Mary & Will got married at the Bingham Hotel in Richmond, a lovely boutique hotel in a Georgian townhouse (With lovely bow windows, as I was informed by Will’s dad!) on the banks of the Thames – I’d not shot a wedding here before, so it was a nice treat!

Mary & Will (& their family & friends!) are unbelievably friendly, chilled out, relaxed & so easy to get along with, so it was alot of fun to be a part of their day. They also know how to let their hair down in mega fashion, as you’ll see from the dancing…

Their wedding took place in late November at 4pm – so a proper winter wedding to give my low light photography skills a workout – but was a lot of fun!

For the photographers out there, these images were the first set I’ve processed with VSCO, it produces a slightly different look to my images, & I’m still trying to find a rhythm with it, but it’s a nice way of working & fits into my workflow er… splendidly! As good a word as any, better than some in fact. 

Bury Court Barn Wedding Photographer | Sarah & Joe’s Wedding

Last Friday, Sarah & Joe’s wedding in The Barn at Bury Court, Surrey. It was easily the wettest wedding I’ve ever photographed & it really reminded me that all umbrellas are not created equal!

But the wet weather couldn’t put a downer on Sarah’s excitement & enthusiasm! Amazingly organised & full of gorgeous little details! Not to mention a coach-load of awesome, good looking people! (I love Londoners!) A photographer couldn’t ask for more!! What a seriously great day!