I’m pleased to be able to offer Wedding Photography Training, Mentoring & Coaching.

Being a wedding photographer is hugely satisfying and enjoyable, But as with all creative jobs, competition is incredibly high.

So how do you carve a successful career in wedding photography? How do you stand out in a crowded market place?

I’ve been a full time wedding photographer for over 12 years now, I’ve shot hundreds of weddings and have learnt a lot along the way, so I’m delighted to offer guidance and advice to other photographers.

With so many Wedding Photography Training courses & workshops available, I feel I can offer something a bit different, a more personal experience. I aim to tailor my services exactly to your needs, rather than offering you a one-size-fits-all business plan or method. I’m not here to impose my ideas & techniques onto your business or make your business a clone of my own. Instead I like to take a holistic approach, analyse your business strengths & weaknesses, with an aim of helping you to identify areas to build upon.

About my Wedding Photography Training, Mentoring & Coaching sessions.
Currently, I offer short, face-to-face advice sessions (over good coffee!) where you will go away with useful information that you can implement immediately. Whether you’re new to wedding photography or you have experience and are looking for a fresh perspective, I can tailor these sessions to meet your individual needs.

We can cover:

  • Where you are now and where you would like to be with your photography.
  • How to define your style & identity.
  • Marketing, advertising and how to find the right type of clients.
  • Networking with other vendors, how to build real reationships.
  • Tips for success and how to learn from my mistakes.
  • How to develop a secure and efficient workflow.
  • How to develop your own visual style & consistency through processing.
  • I can also provide portfolio, website and brand reviews if required.

I’m happy to offer as many or as few sessions as you require, whether you require a one-off business tune up & inspiration session, or a longer-term coaching course, where we can work towards specific goals & monitor your progress.

If you’re interested in pricing and further details, or to book a session, Please contact me info@fazackarley.com.

Please note that as I work with an associate photographer, I’m unable to offer second shooting or assisting opportunities.