After meeting them, hanging out with them for their engagement session & getting to know them over the course of a year – Kate & Lincoln’s wedding was a day that couldn’t arrive quick enough for me – everytime I saw that Kate had visited my website (My web stats show a lot of visits from San Francisco, I don’t know anyone but K&L in SF!) the anticipation increased just that bit more! So even though the weather was not kind (massive understatement), it was still a brilliant, beautiful day filled to the brim with emotion, excitement & fun.

I started the day briefly with Lincoln in the pub. Mainly as I’d already been to see Kate, when the bridesmaids, in various state of preparedness, ran away like startled deer – albeit way more glamorous! 

After that little introduction to Lincoln, it’s time to head back to Kate.

I usually carry a leatherman multitool in my bag at weddings, useful for opening, fixing & cutting all manner of things & solving wedding crisis’ – but never has it featured in any of my photos before though…

This is the point where the rain started, only a minor drizzle at this stage… but more was on the way! They got married in the lovely St Peters Church

After the wedding, the bus took everyone onto Pangdean Barns!




As it was a largely indoors day, spent hiding from the rain, I thought it wise to record exactly what it was like outside.

Venue: St. Peter’s Church
Venue: Pangdean Barn
Band: Disco Fever
Cake: Hunger Hunger Pangs/Pangdean Barn
Dress: Jenny Packham