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As Surrey Wedding Photographers, we’ve seen a ton of weddings, we’ve seen what works, what doesn’t and are excited to share 5 quick tips to help your Surrey Wedding go without a hitch (well, there will be that one!)

1. Pick an awesome venue

Surrey has some cracking venues, from stately homes to barns, churches to gardens. The venue is one of the biggest difference-makers when it comes to planning a wedding. Making sure you pick somewhere that is easily accessible and has all the facilities you need will take so much of the stress away from you.

Deciding early on in the process whether you want to do more things yourselves or let the venue do everything for you will help decide the kind of venue you go for. Somewhere big like Great Fosters will be ideal if you want a venue to do everything for you, whereas somewhere more Barn-y, like Bury court or Gate Stree, might suit if you want to do more DIY things and really put your own stamp on the day.

2. Plan for all weather eventualities.

The British weather is nothing if not unpredictable. So far today out of my office window I’ve seen all four seasons, starting the day with a lovely dusting of frost, followed by lashings of rain, then a sunny interlude giving me the urge to go outside and have a picnic, before more rain.

If you plan for one eventuality – sun for example, and it doesn’t happen, then your day will start off with disappointment. Perhaps the plans don’t work in any other kind of weather (outdoor ceremonies for example!)

By planning for Sun or Rain, warm or cold and providing the right kind of set-up for each, blankets for your guests to relax under on chilly autumn afternoons, umbrellas for those April showers etc. you’re guaranteeing that everyone has an amazing time.

3. Delegate

Pick some friends, give them some jobs. Simple! Deleting small tasks off to friends and family members not only removes some of the stress from you, but it gives them something to have ownership over and gives them a reason to stay switched on and involved. Someone taking care of organising the group photos, or someone making sure everyone has confetti (ready for the confetti photo) are great examples of places that friends can take the load off you.

4. Only invite the people you actually want there

Ok, so you’re probably going to have pressure from all sides as to who you should invite – but at the end of the day, it is your day. You only have to have the people there that you want there. If you have some distant relatives that will be offended if they don’t get an invite -consider making them evening guests. Keep the numbers down for the main bulk of the day keeps costs down and also means you can only invite the people that you really want to be there.

5. Have Fun

Stuff may go wrong – but never lose focus on the fact it is your special day, you’re surrounded by your best friends and family that love you. You’re marrying your bestie and everyone’s going to have an amazing time. Don’t sweat the small stuff and you’ll be able to enjoy the big stuff.

If you’re planning a wedding in Surrey and are looking for a photographer, do give us a shout!