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Do you want more traffic? More enquiries? More work?

I’ll help you get a handle on your SEO, boost your visibility and increase your traffic.

Whatever level you are at – I can help.

  • Maybe you don’t know where to start working on your SEO? I can give you the boost you need. I’ll explain all the complicated stuff, simply. Giving you an easy-to-follow plan that will help you grow.
  • Perhaps you’re more advanced and spend days writing articles – only for them not to rank and your efforts being wasted. I can show you what people are searching for and what you need to do to get in front of them.
  • Do you want to relocate your business or start targeting new areas & niches? I can give you a path to success, finding what people are searching for and ways you can get in front of them.

I’m a photographer myself, so know the market and the struggles you face.

I offer a variety of different services from Audits, to training + coaching, to full ‘done for you’ SEO.

“Super helpful… I can now see why my site isn’t ranking!

It means the absolute world to me as I was at a total brick wall with what to do to help!”


Proof that I practice what I preach

I went from #16 to #1 for a high traffic keyword …in just 14 days!

I’ll show you this and more during our 1:1 training.

Want SEO tips straight into your inbox?


The simplest way to start the SEO process is with an Audit.

I’ll go through your site looking for issues and provide suggestions that will help your site climb the search rankings and increase your visibility.

I’ll provide you with a 20-30 minute video audit showing key areas to improve, along with in-depth suggestions.

I don’t automate my audits like many SEO agencies – you’ll actually get me looking at your site, looking and narrating my process. So your audit will be personal and designed to be immediately useful.

Great for finding quick wins and accelerating on your SEO journey.

Audits are delivered within 10 days. If you want help quicker, consider booking coaching – where sessions can be scheduled immediately.

Want to see examples of audits before you sign up? Take a look below!

“Rather than working by trial and error, I have a clear direction to go in… I couldn’t recommend Simon enough”


Some recent audit videos can be seen below.

Audit #1: Sam Cook Photography

Sam asked me to take a look through her site, as she believed Google ‘hated her’ and her site was ‘beyond help’.

After looking through I was pleased to offer a variety of suggestions from:

  • The importance of compressing images.
  • Adding keywords to her blog titles.
  • The future of the web and SSL certificates.
  • The value of backlinks.

Sam’s a brilliant writer, so all she needed was a nudge in the right direction and she was away!

“That was so so so so good!

I’m completely useless at everything like SEO, so that was all amazingly insightful and helpful!


Audit #2: Winnington + Coe

Elle of Winnington + Coe – the TWIA’s best newcomer – reached out to me via Instagram, asking me to take a look through the site. She felt she ‘sucked at SEO’ and had ‘no idea where to start’.

I picked up on a few things during the audit that will have immediate results:

  • The value of text and how Google sees the web.
  • Local Searches and areas covered.
  • Using Headings to target keywords.
  • Backlink building.

Elle & Ben’s work is beautiful, so it was a pleasure to help them get a bit more exposure.

“Wow! Thank you so much!

As a visual learner the video really helped!

…and great accent!


Audit #3: Jessra Photography

Yesenia is based in Connecticut, USA and wanted me to take a look through her site, and see how she could better target the local area. She had been ‘YouTubing the heck’ out of SEO and still didn’t get it, so wanted a hand.

After the audit I was able to provide some quick win suggestions to help her move forward:

  • Targeting lower competition keywords.
  • Adding more content to boost existing pages.
  • Building landing pages to target markets.
  • Headings and on-page optimizations

Yesenia has a lovely style, and a great personality – so it’s exciting to be able to help her get more local business!

“Thank you so much! You have now convinced me to start a new site haha!”


One on One SEO Training & Coaching

Whether you have a brand new business and are looking for the best way to bring in clients, or you’re someone who has been in the industry for a while and wants to refine where their enquiries come from –

I’m here to help.

When I was starting out in business and turned my efforts to SEO, the options were limited and out of reach to many small businesses or entrepreneurs.

We’re fortunate that times have changed and many of the SEO methods I teach are accessible to anybody without specialist tools or skills. All they require is a willingness to learn, experiment and measure results.

But don’t worry – I’ll teach you all of those things and more!

Most of my clients are in the photography industry, and specifically I work with a lot of wedding photographers (being one myself, I know the market intimately!) But the skills I’ll teach you can be applied by anyone – from Photographers to Florists, Wedding Planners and Caterers – I’m also happy to teach Wedding Venue SEO

Depending on your objectives the training can focus on anything from:

  • Setting up a website correctly
  • Finding Relevant Keywords
  • Building pages with SEO in mind
  • Link Building (& some great wedding-specific opportunities!)
  • Effective Blogging Strategies
  • Tracking results and setting goals
  • Free tools that will give you an edge over the competition
  • Google Analytics
  • Site Speed & Page Speed
  • Image Optimization & Compression
  • Google My Business & Local Search
  • Establishing Authority
  • Tracking & Research SEO Tools (Ahrefs, SEMrush, Ubersuggest)


I’ll show you the method I used to move up 15 places and take #1 for a high traffic keyword

…in just 14 days.

I’m an ethical SEO-er and I don’t use dirty tricks that will get you slapped by google in a future update. But, during our 1:1 training, I’ll show you the exact process I used to move up from #16 to #1 for a high traffic, ‘ready-to-purchase’ query.

A query that has made me £15,000 in bookings over the past 2 months.

I’ll even help you find opportunities like this in your market.

1:1 SEO Coaching

If you would like to spend time discussing your issues and looking at ways to solve them – SEO coaching is the way to go.

Over ZOOM, we’ll work together highlighting and solving issues with your site, discussing strategies that will improve your visibility and finding ways to grow your traffic.

This is a great way to give your site an instant boost and set you up with a long-term strategy.

OK, but who am I?

(+ why should you trust me?)

Good question, with so many photographers offering training, coaching and mentoring – it’s hard to know who to trust, so who am I?

I’m Simon Fazackarley – that’s me in the photo, with my daughter. I’ve been running my own wedding photography business for over 15 years. I’m also an SEO expert and generate thousands of organic visits to my site each month, resulting in over 600 enquiries a year.

I hold the #1 position for every keyword I need to make my business a success and want you to have the same opportunity.

So, want to get more traffic?