The party doesn’t stop after the first dance…

Your wedding has been a long, beautiful day. The champagne has been flowing, the canapes enjoyed. You married your best friend, You’ve shared so many moments with your friends and family, you’ve laughed so much your face is a bit sore. When the first dance comes around the energy is high, everyone is ready to unleash themselves on an unsuspected dance floor. You do your one-two step and beckon your friends to join you for one of the most fun filled evenings of your lives…

This is when most photographers leave…..Not us!

The party doesn’t stop after the first dance, neither do we! When the dance floor is rocking, and you’re having an amazing time, why stop?

We love staying to capture the evenings entertainment and dancing – its a fun end to a fun story. We spend the majority of the day shooting beautiful soft portraits, stunning details and gorgeous moments – so when the sun goes down we jump at the opportunity to go a little crazy.

Besides all the incredible dancing, after dark is also a brilliant time to make some creative portraits, technically and creatively adventurous photos using a combination of ambient light and flash.

We love this opportunity to make you something truly unique – as well as show off the techniques we’ve been refining for well over a decade.

After dark is also when things like sparklers and fireworks come to play – we love capturing those!

Besides all that, your venue may also take on a different character after dark. Outside, some places have great up-lighting and spotlights, which completely change the exterior appearance of the building – like the beautiful Stanmer House, the walls of which get bathed in the most beautiful, vibrant colours.

Inside, perhaps you have candles or lanterns that will only be lit one the sun goes down. Not to mention DJs and bands, who often have elaborate lighting set-ups – completely changing the ambience of the space. One venue we know in the Peak District has a full-on nightclub beneath it, that doesn’t open until after 10pm, many a wedding story has taken a crazy turn once that opens!

So the photographers that head off straight after the first dance may be missing a good chunk of your story.


Phew! That was fun! Want us to capture incredible after dark photographs of your wedding?