If everyone goes one way – do you go the other?

Weddings are about being you, your mates having an amazing time and your family getting drunk.

They’re about celebrating your uniqueness and capturing all that’s special about your story.

That’s exactly what we capture.

So if you’re looking for something different? An alternative to the boring, traditional wedding photographer?

You’re in the right place.

Want to see how much joy we can capture in 87 seconds? This video is for you –

We’re wedding photographers based in Brighton, Sussex and providing photography and videography throughout the UK and internationally.

We’re also proud to say we’ve been named amongst the best wedding photographers and videographers in England.

*toot toot*

(both by The Wedding Industry Awards, and our mums).

“You legend ! These are bloody gorgeous.

How did you make us look so great??

it was effortless having you around,

felt like having a friend hanging out with us.

I’m sure we were a handful :)

Laura + Gavin

Want something different?

We get it, it’s all gone a bit Instagram. All that soft, boho style. Brides skipping through meadows looking whimsical.

Hipsters in forests. Braces and bunting everywhere. More jam jars than the Tesco.

Ok, there’s a place for that and some folks that works for.

We get it. We crave authentic moments too, it’s about capturing the real joy that makes our hearts happy.

We want to capture something uniquely you. Something that will transport you straight back to the day you married your best friend.

Whatever you’re planning

Whether your plans are laid back and chilled, or more adventurous – we’ll be there.

We’ll capture everything as it happens. Whether you have us for photography, videography or both – We’ll make it look awesome. We’re laid-back and throughout the day, we’ll just be your mates with the cameras.

You want to go for a 10-mile hike to the top of a big hill after your ceremony and shout? We’ll be there capturing the epicness.

You want to hang out with your clan in the garden – that’s cool, we’ll make it look as chilled as it is.

Just hanging out in the city sharing your wedding day with your family? Go for it. We’ll blend in and capture your aunt sneaking some prosecco, but we can’t promise not to enjoy the sweet table.

Bored with all the wedding photographers you’ve seen so far?

Alternative Wedding Photographers

What’s the deal with the term Alternative wedding photographer? We’ve been in this game for 14 years. We’ve seen trends come and go and recently the ‘alternative’ is actual the ‘norm’.

Everyone is relaxed, everyone is a storyteller and everyone is super fun and chilled.

So maybe the traditional is the new alternative?

Either way, you’re here – hey! SEO win. So…

Relaxed, Documentary

Ok, so we’re sort of alternative, in a sort of traditional way, but with fun and relaxed storytelling stuff.

We have a relaxed documentary approach. What that means is we’ll stay out of your way and capture all the joy as its happening. We’ll make it all look incredible.

It’ll also be real and authentic. No standing next to fir trees pouting. Unless you really want that.

We’ll also laugh at your mates jokes, sneak a slice of cake if there’s enough (there always is) and take too much enjoyment from seeing your aunt letting loose on the dancefloor.

Want to know more about us?

Staying local?

We’re based in Brighton so a lot of our weddings are around this area – Brighton has a great pub and club scene, so breeds some lively weddings. It also has some pretty quirky venues, some grand places and some chilled places. Travelling a bit further out around Sussex changes the tone a bit and we’re regularly shooting epic parties in teepees, barnstormers in actual real-life barns and random ‘let’s get married in a pub’s’.  All awesome. Although a cracking wedding is never about the venue – it’s always about the people.

Brighton is the undeniable capital for anything goes. Whatever you want to do and however you want to celebrate your wedding you can do it here.

We’re the Gay capital of the world ( I think we are right? Sod off San Francisco.) and have the most incredible pride celebrations every year. Now’s probably a good time to mention that we do loads of same-sex, gay and lesbian weddings.

Other stuff around Brighton – There’s the sea, that’s nice. Chilled afternoon weddings at the beach are totally a thing.

We’re also proud owners of the naked bike ride – a bit too alternative & chaffy for me. But horses for courses.

Off somewhere epic?

We will totally get on planes for you. Or drive somewhere – road trip! – it’s all good.

We travel wherever the magic is happening.

You want to go to the tip of South America – we’ll hold your cerveza while you jump in the ocean. We’ll also photograph/film it – so that’ll be nice. Unless your mum doesn’t like you drinking and swimming. In which case we’ll blur that out – Crimewatch style.

Do you want to adventure the shit out of your wedding somewhere in Asia? We’re up for that. In fact, we’d be so up for that. Asian food is the best. **Orders Chinese food delivered to my desk.**

Maybe you’re not alternative at all and are planning something chic and sophisticated in the swiss alps, we’d be up for that.

Wherever your plans are taking you, if you want us along for the ride – we’ll be there.

But the chances are, based on our SEO skills – you’re getting married locally. Also very cool. Better, in fact, because we don’t have to leave our little girl with the grandparents for weeks – they’ll love you for that.

Want to see more of our work?

Sound Good?

If you’ve made it this far, I’m hoping some of that resonates with you. So reach out.

Tell us what’s going down with your wedding plans.

Let’s team up to make something different.

Something fun.

Let’s make something that captures you being you.