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Asian Wedding Photography London

We’re Simon + Heather. We’re relaxed, Asian wedding photographers and videographers.

We’re wedding photographers based in Brighton, Sussex and providing Asian wedding photography and videography throughout London, the UK and internationally. With over 14 years experience across weddings of all cultures, including many Asian weddings, Indian weddings, Sikh weddings and Pakistani Weddings.

We’re also proud to say we’ve been named amongst the best wedding photographers and videographers in England. (by The Wedding Industry Awards)

You can have us for wedding photography, wedding videography or both – if you decide to commission us for both Simon will be your wedding photographer and Heather, your wedding videographer. We can also split up and cover gender-specific ceremonies and events.

“…Booking Simon & Heather to capture our wedding was one of the best decisions we made, the pictures speak for themselves, they are absolutely stunning!..”


Asian weddings are on a different level.

Weddings are about family, friends, culture and traditions.

They’re about celebrating your journey and capturing all that’s special about your story.

Asian weddings take this to extremes and add so much more.

More colour. More music. More dancing.

They’re about bold celebrations, important traditions and sharing these with family and friends.

This is why we love to photograph them.

Asian Wedding Photography and Videography

Asian Weddings often take place over multiple days, often three-day celebrations and in some cases even longer – we have special packages enabling you to have beautiful coverage of every part of the celebrations, often we start by covering the mehndi ceremony – although we’re happy to cover any other ceremonies, such as the Ganesh Pooja – if your priest allows us and you would like us to.

After the Mehndi, we’ll happily cover into the evening for the Sangeet. It’s lovely to capture all the excitement and nervous energy this stage contains.

By the time your third day comes along, we’ll be blending in with your family, and you will barely notice our presence, all the while we’re capturing all the magic as it happens. From the main ceremony, through to the reception and the dancing in the evening – you can be confident we’re capturing every little moment as it happens for you to treasure for generations.

Asian Fusion Wedding Photographer

We’re also completely flexible – if you’re having Asian fusion wedding celebrations – combining British traditions with Asian ceremonies, maybe just a single day celebration or a two-part wedding combining Asian ceremonies with English ceremonies. We would love to be a part of both. We have a variety of Asian Wedding Photography and Videography packages designed specifically to fit three-day celebrations, but all can be tailored to suit your plans perfectly.

We want to capture something uniquely you. Something that will transport you straight back to the day you married your best friend. Bringing back all the sights, sounds and feelings.

Off somewhere further afield?

We will happily travel for you.

It’s our absolute dream to photograph a traditional Asian Wedding in Asian, India or somewhere far-flung and exotic. Wherever your plans are taking you, if you want us along for the ride – we’ll be there.

But the chances are, based on our SEO skills – you’re planning an Indian Wedding in the UK. Better, in fact, because we don’t have to leave our little girl with the grandparents for weeks – they’ll love you for that.

We travel wherever the magic is happening.


If you’ve made it this far, and you’re looking for Asian Wedding Photography, do reach out and tell us about your plans.

Popular wedding dates often get taken 1-2 years in advance, so if you are interested in booking your wedding photography, get in touch! Let’s make something amazing.

Whatever culture your wedding is based in, you can be confident we will know where to be and when. With so many variations on ceremonies and traditions, every Asian wedding is different, and if it’s a ceremony we aren’t 100% familiar with, you can be sure we will discuss things in detail with you, your priest and your family to learn what’s important and for any limitations we may need to adhere too.

Wherever your Asian Wedding is taking place, We’ll be there. We cover the entire UK and internationally, from Indian weddings in Birmingham, Asian Weddings in Leeds and Sikh Weddings in Manchester. We love being a part of them all. Often there are specific venues that cater to the Asian market – in part as a lot of venues aren’t so keen on the fire elements of the ceremonies! Places like Wynard Hall and Hedsor House are always popular, but we’ve also done weddings at Bhasvic amongst other venues. It’s becoming popular with larger fusion weddings to have multi-part days spanning across multiple venues and locations – allowing the perfect balance of Asian traditions with English cultures. (and fire risk assessments!)

With over 14 years of experience and having photographed more than 400 weddings – we’ve encountered every situation. We’ve covered Sikh weddings in temples to Hindu Weddings, to Weddings combining Pakistani culture with British traditions. We’ve photographed 3-day Indian weddings and single day weddings combining a British registry office wedding in the morning, with a traditional Muslim ceremony in the afternoon.

We’ll capture everything as it happens. Whether you have us for photography, videography or both – We’ll make it look amazing. We’re laid-back, and throughout the day, we’ll be your like family members with cameras. We know when to get into the crowd to get the right moments and when to stay back to honour the sanctity of the ceremony.

From Luxury Asian Weddings to smaller, more intimate ceremonies in family homes – we’ll adapt our approach to fit the mood and ensure thorough, beautiful coverage.

Hindu weddings make up a large portion of our work – from the 2-3 hours ceremony to the Red Sarees – we utterly adore every aspect of Hindu Weddings. We also understand genuinely the detailed planning that goes into the wedding day and love to capture every detail big and small, from the tiniest stitching on the Saree to the beautiful gold textures the groom often wears – visually Hindu weddings are incredible. But beyond the visual element – emotionally and spiritually, Hindu ceremonies have it all.

Often, one of the most influential driving factors in any Asian Wedding is the love of family. The pride of a family gathered to see their son or Daughter married is an incredible thing to bear witness too. We’re also incredibly fortunate that the couples we work with take us into their families after the wedding day. Inviting us along to capture family events from pregnancy and baby naming ceremonies – to documenting their Divali celebrations. We take this connection as a real vote of confidence in our work and testament to a job well done.

With a thriving Asian community, Manchester is always a popular destination for Asian and Indian weddings. We’re always happy to travel to capture weddings – regularly heading up to London, Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham to capture the celebrations.

From the moment the groom enters, The Baraat – Asian weddings are different from traditional British weddings. It’s important to find a photographer or videographer with experience, to ensure they’re in the right place at the right time. We love that the groom enters to the sound of drums, dancing and music. It sets the tone for the next ceremony perfectly. We’ll never forget our first Indian wedding as the groom arrived – it was unlike anything we’d ever encountered and the opportunity to recapture that joy and excitement at future Asian Weddings is something that drives us.

Indian Wedding Ceremonies are amongst the most beautiful, thought-provoking ceremonies we’ve had the pleasure of capturing. Surrounded by family beneath the Mandap (which is a bit like a Jewish weddings Chuppah) the Brides parents give their daughter away during the Kanya Daan ceremony. The moment the groom sees his bride for the first time as the screen is lowered is one of our favourite moments. You never know whether he will cry with joy, giggle from nervousness or be more reserved – it often tells you a lot of a man’s character his reaction at this point.

Once the ceremony is underway, the flurry of rituals and traditions is mind-blowing. From the Mangal Phera – a ceremony involving a small fire – to the Seven Steps (Saptapadi) ASian Weddings, whilst long – are always engaging and constantly involving family and friends. The excitement when female members of the family can come to throw flower petals is always incredible to capture.

We’re based in Brighton so a lot of our weddings are around this area – But there are relatively few Asian Wedding Venues in the area, so being sought after Asian Wedding Photographers means we do a lot of travelling. Often we’re in London, but we travel to Leeds, Birming and Manchester – wherever the magic is happening.