Greek Wedding Photographer – Maria & Ty

Greek weddings… wow.

This was my first greek wedding & wow was it awesome, it wasn’t quite a ‘full fat’ greek wedding, as Ty & his family are from South Africa, so it was coined as a ‘Big Fat Greek South African Wedding’ – whatever it was, it was amazing!

Readers will recognize these guys from their engagement photos posted the other week, I knew their wedding was going to be cool from that day, the day when they described greek ceremonies, customs & traditions over gallons of pimms. As I’d never shot a greek wedding before it was ultra important that I knew was going to happen in advance, so I could plan ahead – but no amount of planning truly prepares you!! There was so much going on, but it was mega!

They got married at the Twelve Apostles Greek Orthodox Church in Hertfordshire & then headed over to Fanhams Hall for their reception.

A massive thank you goes out to Maria & Ty, & their family & friends for having me along for the ride! I loved every minute! & would love to shoot a million more greek weddings!! We utterly love weddings from different cultures, with a lot of experience in Asian weddings and Jewish weddings, Greek weddings were a new one for us, but a truly wonderful first experience – it’s always a pleasure to learn about a different culture through the lens of a wedding day!

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Belvoir Castle Wedding – Victoria & Tim

Victoria & Tim got married earlier this year & it would be a gross misrepresentation to say it was epic. it was more than epic. it was incredible.

Great People? yup! Mindblowing Castle? yup!! Fantastic Fireworks? yup… ear crushingly loud Canon Salute? errrrr….. Oh yeah! (the ears are still ringing from that one).

They had their ceremony at Stibbington Church, both the church & the area have a lot of family history attached, before heading onto the nearby county of Rutland, and the delightful Belvoir Castle for the reception. A long-distance from my usual Sussex Weddings, but a truly enjoyable day to be a part of.

I first met Victoria and Tim back in the spring, in Surrey – while they were visiting family, and it was there that I learned that Victoria, Tim and virtually of their guests are doctors – and it’s true what they say, Doctors know how to have a good party – from early in the morning late into the night these guys were full of the magic, energy and excitement that makes a great wedding.

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Laughton Barns Wedding – Victoria & Graeme

(These photos have been featured on Ruffled, Rock My Wedding, Whimsical Wonderland Weddings & various international blogs.)

A few weeks ago I photographed a wedding. It was a very pretty, totally relaxed & utterly vintage day. It was the wedding of Victoria & Graeme.

When I met V&G… They told me their plans to have a vintage wedding theme – a 20’s vintage picnic type affair to be precise & I loved the idea! After our meeting they invited me to hang out & play Little Big Planet on the Playstation3 , which was awesome… & after our meeting/chatting/gaming session – I knew these were absolutely, 100% my kinda people, So when they booked me to be their wedding photographer I was very excited!

Over the following months I had the opportunity to get to know them a bit & the more I got to know them, the more I loved them & their plans for their wedding!

Then we had their gorgeous engagement session, on that hot day in June, (you know – the only one we’ve had this year…) Where their taste in vintage loveliness came through even more – So, the wedding was shaping up to be pretty amazing!

Now we start our story, on a different day to that of the actual wedding.

V wanted some pictures of her shoes & dress, but the schedule of their day didn’t allow for this, So I offered to start my coverage a few days early & get some details in the bag!

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Brighton Portrait Photographer – Laura & Pete

A few weeks ago the fabulous Laura & Pete from Lawson Photography came to Brighton, It was Laura’s birthday & they wanted some photographs taken! We wandered the streets of Brighton  doing all the touristy things & still found time to take some pretty pictures too!

Now, not only are Pete & Laura really good friends of mine, they are also two of the most talented wedding photographers in the country – so it was ultra important that these pictures be good, my reputation depends on it!

Hope you enjoy, & if you do, please leave a comment!

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Rock My Wedding Photographer – Aisling & Philip

Aisling & Phil got married in Berkshire, The official ceremony took place at Basingstoke Registry Office, in Hampshire, but the majority of the day was spent in Aisling & Phillip’s beautiful garden, complete with River! Which, on one of the hottest day’s *ever* was a welcome addition!!

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