Victoria & Tim

Vic & Tim got married earlier this year & it would be a gross misrepresentation to say it was epic. it was more than epic. it was PROPERLY EPIC.

Great People? yup! Mindblowing Castle? yup!! Fantastic Fireworks? yup… ear crushingly loud Canon Salute? errrrr….. Oh yeah!

They had their ceremony at Stibbington Church, a church & area that have a lot of family history attached, then headed onto Belvoir Castle for the reception.

Victoria & Tim

Love Vic & Tim, seems like a lifetime ago I shot their engagement in Manchester – but it was very cool, I’ve been to Manchester a few times before, but never on a ‘proper’ shoot – it really gave me a chance to explore & find some of the less travelled alleys… It’s where the cool kids hang out… honest.

Vic & Tim are really cool, interesting people – totally easy to get on with & mega easy to photograph too!! We spent a whole day on the shoot (broken up by visits to coffee shops for cake.) visiting areas important to them & generally exploring Didsbury & Manchester until it got cold & dark… when we went & had one of the best chinese meals I’ve ever had!

It was a genuine treat getting to know them before their wedding – the photos from which are coming soon! &… they… are… epic…

Maria & Ty

London’s cool, I don’t get up there enough… Although when I do I usually get lost, so maybe it’s for the best…

Thankfully this time, I had some awesome tour guides, Maria & Tyrone… & they… are… legendary…

Having not met them before their engagement, besides a ultra bleary eyed Sunday morning skype fest, I couldn’t imagine hitting it off better with anyone. We wandered the streets of London for a few hours, frequently stopping for pimm’s breaks for their engagement session.  In fact I think more time was spent in bars than actually shooting – but I got to know them & I’m better off because of it!

Caroline & Rob

Caroline & Rob headed to Brighton (From Manchester!) earlier this year for their engagement session – The weather was amazing, the company great…so it’s safe to say, It ruled…I shot their wedding recently-ish (In Manchester – the miles evened out nicely in the end…) & I’ll be blogging it soon-ish, but thought I’d best start with this gorgeous, summer-y prelude…

Kylie & Gez

A Saturday, a few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of photographing Kylie & Gez’s wedding at Crawley Registy Office! Now, 5 weeks before there wedding I hadn’t even heard of Kylie & Gez, they were putting together their wedding in a very short space of time & only contacted me a few weeks before the big day! But from meeting them, listening to their plans, I knew their wedding was going to be a relaxed affair & I knew I wanted to be a part of it!!

Then we did a little engagement session a week before the big day & I found how insanely easy Kylie & Gez are to photograph, so I knew this was going to be one Saturday to remember!! and it was!!

I started the day with Kylie at a Bed & Breakfast in Rusper, Near Horsham, Hawkesbourne House, besides being a nightmare to find (Suffice to say, Satnav & I are no longer talking…), its was an absolutely lovely location!!

Kylie & Gez

I’ve been planning on blogging a few weddings for the past few weeks, but instead, today – I thought I’d blog something completely fresh! – Kylie & Gez’s Engagement session! We had a little wander around Buchan Park in Crawley last night, for possibly the shortest & easiest engagement sessions ever – partly due to the rapidly diminishing day light – but also because Kylie & Gez are super easy to work with, totally relaxed & very giggly! Perfect for photographing!! – can’t wait for their wedding this weekend!

Emma & Dan

Last month was crazy, I shot more weddings in August, than I did in my entire first year of business & and I loved every single one!

Emma & Dan are awesome, totally lovely people & I knew their wedding day was going to be a stylish affair! After seeing how relaxed & fun they were in front of the camera on their engagement session it was a day I’d been looking forward to for ages!  OK, so it rained a bit… but that didn’t stop them having a great time & it certainly didn’t stop me getting pretty pictures…