Charlie & James

I was planning on blogging a wedding today (a gorgeous one!) – but thought I’d go for something a bit different… Here’s Charlie & James’ engagement session from this weekend, Sometimes my job really doesn’t feel like a job at all… this sessions a perfect example of this!! – Thanks for an awesome day guys, tasty lunch (Tapas=mmmmm!), a delicious dinner! (steak! yay!) & hopefully – some gorgeous photographs!

Essentially, we wandered around Brighton, avoiding the rain (yes, contrary to popular belief, I can cope with less than So.Cal weather!!), looking for cool locations & finding the pretty light…

Victoria & Graeme

(These photos have been featured on Ruffled, Rock My Wedding, Whimsical Wonderland Weddings & various international blogs.)

A few weeks ago I photographed a wedding. It was a very pretty, totally relaxed & utterly vintage day. It was the wedding of Victoria & Graeme.

When I met V&G… They told me their plans to have a vintage wedding theme – a 20’s vintage picnic type affair to be precise & I loved the idea! After our meeting they invited me to hang out & play Little Big Planet on the Playstation3 , which was awesome… & after our meeting/chatting/gaming session – I knew these were absolutely, 100% my kinda people, So when they booked me for their wedding I was very excited!

Over the following months I had the opportunity to get to know them a bit & the more I got to know them, the more I loved them & their plans for their wedding!

Then we had their gorgeous engagement session, on that hot day in June, (you know – the only one we’ve had this year…) Where their taste in vintage loveliness came through even more – So, the wedding was shaping up to be pretty amazing!

Now we start our story, on a different day to that of the actual wedding.

V wanted some pictures of her shoes & dress, but the schedule of their day didn’t allow for this, So I offered to start my coverage a few days early & get some details in the bag!

Amanda & Glenn

It seems like ages ago I shot this wedding, I’m terribly behind in my blogging & after the 4 5 6 hours it’s taken me to upload this post, (technical difficulties!!) it’s no wonder!! silly blog. silly host. *looks menacingly at BT*

Anyway, this is Amanda & Glenn’s wedding from wayyyy back in June! – You’ll remember their Brighton Engagement photos a few months back – the engagement was awesome fun & the wedding, well I knew it would be – BRILLIANT! Amanda & Glenn’s aim in life is to have more fun than anyone else & it totally shone through in their day! I Loved being a part of it!

I had the supremely talented, but sadly northern accented, Stuart James shoot with me on this one & it was great! – Can’t wait to shoot more with him in the future! Think our styles came together really nicely!

Anyway, Without further introduction, enjoy the pictures!

Laura & Pete

A few weeks ago the fabulous Laura & Pete from Lawson Photography came to Brighton, It was Laura’s birthday & they wanted some photographs taken! We wandered the streets of Brighton  doing all the touristy things & still found time to take some pretty pictures too!

Now, not only are Pete & Laura really good friends of mine, they are also two of the most talented photographers in the country – so it was ultra important that these pictures be good, my reputation depends on it!

Hope you enjoy, & if you do, please leave a comment!

Victoria & Graeme

In an effort to leave Aisling & Phil’s wedding atop my blog, (& bask in the love!! ta internet!) I’ve let my other blog posts back up… so now I’ve got about 16 things to blog, & literally no time to do them! & with all the lovely weddings & engagements over the coming weeks that 16 will turn into 30 really quickly… Soon I’ll be able to schedule a blog post a week for the entire next year!! If I were even vaguley organised enough to do that, that would be SWEET.

But, rather than ramble on about the sorry state of my blog, I wanted to share this engagement session of the lovely Victoria & Graeme. V&G are getting married next month at Laughton Showgrounds & to say I’m looking forward to their wedding would be a huge understatement!! – Enjoy!

We started off at V&G’s allotment, where they had purple poppies and amazing strawberries!

Amanda & Glenn’s Engagement in Brighton

Last week I spent an afternoon wandering the streets of Brighton with Amanda & Glenn for their engagement session, The plan was to revisit locations for their from there first date! – Awesome! We started at Brighton Station, then wandered through the streets towards the seafront, for sunset (my favourite time of day!)

Thanks to Amanda & Glenn for being such superstars! – So easy to work with, they’re the kind of people the make everyone totally at ease & make you feel like old friends! – I can’t wait for there wedding in June! I know its going to be UHHH-MAY-ZING.

*I’ve tried some new processing on these images, a bit different from my usual colours… hope you like them!*

Emma & Dan

A few days ago I spent the evening wandering around Stanmer Park with Emma & Dan, for their engagement session! Stanmer park rocks, I’ve done a few engagements there, as well as a few weddings at Stanmer House & its always great!

I love engagement sessions so much, as I get to know people & learn things about them that I wouldn’t know if I just turned up & shot their wedding – not only does this satisfy my nosiness (I kid!) but getting to know my clients helps me understand who they are, what they are about & really make sure their images rock!

Hannah & John

Late last month I had the pleasure of photographing Hannah & Johns Wiston House Wedding in Steyning… Regular blog readers will remember Hannah & John from their engagement session early in the year! (You can see their gorgeous engagement ).

I knew their wedding was going to be good, and it was! So many lovely details & the weather managed to stay dry for the important bits!!

I started the day with Hannah, getting ready! Lovely room to start in, so bright, just what a photographer needs in Late November! I’d never been to Wiston, but now I have, I’m so looking forward to the year ahead as I have a few more there!! – I get to see it in all seasons!!

Sian & Jim

On Monday evening, I had the pleasure of photographing an engagement session in Brighton (& on Brighton Seafront!), with Sian & Jim. We only shot for a little while, but it was during the best light of the day!! (6.30pm-8.00pm)

These guys are such naturals in front of the camera, going to be great photographing their wedding this Saturday!