Brighton Doorstep Portraits

Lockdown Life, not a concept we thought we’d have to get used to, was it?

The Coronavirus situation has been hard for so many of us. It’s also a hugely important event in all of our lives and one that we felt we should capture.

For many years we’ve had a fascination with doors and on a recent trip to Prague, we spent days wandering its old streets photographing beautiful doors, gates and arches. There’s some mystery about doors, you don’t know what is going on behind them or the people that walk through them every day. They’re also a comforting reminder of the safety of home.

Little did we know this exploration would give birth to a new project a few months later!

Fast forward to 2020 and the world turns upside down with coronavirus.

All of us told to ‘Stay Home, Save Lives’.

A few of our former wedding clients contacted us asking if we’d come and take some ‘socially distanced’ pictures of them gathered on their front door step and our Doorstep Portraits project began.

We’ve been doing these in May 2020, during the recent relaxations of lockdown and will continue to do them for as long as people are keen to have portraits on their doorsteps!

How it works.

  • I come to your house at a prearranged time.
  • Give you a call and you come outside and gather on the front step.
  • From 2+ meters away, I’ll take a series of portraits – perhaps on the front step, through the glass – whatever looks good.
  • I’ll go on my way
  • You’ll get 5 beautiful images emailed to you a few days later.

How much?

Doorstep Portrait Sessions are £30, last around 10 minutes and include 5 high resolution images. Sessions can be anywhere in Brighton & Hove.

Social Distancing & Safety

Safety is my number one concern & I’ll always work in line with whatever the government guidelines are. Including:

  • Staying a minimum of 2 meters away from you and your family.
  • Sanitizing my hands thoroughly before and after our session.
  • Contacting you and delivering your images electronically.

Get in touch to book your front step session! I often have a few days available, and do them in groups around an area.