Cameras for Instagrammers

Taking pictures for Instagram has become very popular over the last few years, with lots of people wanting to get involved in it, Increase their following and post the next amazing photo. It’s really great to see photography becoming so popular and it’s really exciting hearing so many people wanting to get better at photography, …

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Best Books For Starting A Business (or growing an existing one!)- Books for Photographers

I never read, or at least I never used to. Over the years I’ve purchased a lot of books on a huge range of subjects. The shelf above my desk has a wonderful array of books from Botanical Illustration to Astronomy, House Building to SAS training methods. I’m currently not a Botanical Illustrator, an Astronomer, …

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WEDDING VIDEOGRAPHER GEAR: Best way to record audio

One of the earliest difficulties that Wedding Photographers transitioning to videography face, is capturing sound.

A good audio track on your videos can make the difference between a professional looking film and something uncle bob might produce. Capturing the speeches at a wedding or the vows during the ceremony clearly, and in high quality will mean everything to your couples, enabling them to relive their day over and over again.

When we’re filming weddings we tend to get audio from a few sources, using a variety of tools and I’ll explain those in detail.

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Writing content with SEO in mind

OK, so we have some keywords, we know people are searching for them, but how do we actually get in front of those people?

Right now, and I would imagine for the foreseeable future Google is all about content.

Whatever you’re creating, you need to keep the end user in mind and be sure your content is serving them in some way, providing tangible value.

I’ll mention other ideas in other articles, but good content is the basis of your search rankings.

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