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Photography is an incredible career and one I've been fortunate to have enjoyed for close to two decades. When I'm not photographing incredible weddings and events, I love helping other photographers build successful brands and offer the best service for their clients.

Wherever you're looking to take your business, I can help you get there. Whether you've lost direction or you need more enquiries, We can work together through the issues holding you back.

Below you'll find a collection of my educational articles, and for mentoring, 1:1 guidance & speaking opportunities drop me a message -


The Best Shoes for Wedding Photographers

There’s always a lot of discussion in the wedding photography community about what to wear to a wedding if you are a wedding photographer or wedding videographer. Some people argue that you should always wear a suit and be incredibly smart. Others feel that you should dress for comfort and express your personality through your …

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Our Favourite Canon Camera With A Flip Screen

I’m a massive Canon camera fan – my very first Film SLR was a Canon (A 300V if I remember correctly), my first DSLR was a Canon 300D (Some 15 years ago!) and the camera that I still use daily in my wedding photography is a Canon. (A pair of EOS R’s) I love the …

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What’s in a Wedding Photographers Camera Bag?

Every wedding that I go to, there is always an uncle or a cousin who is a keen photographer and loves to ask ‘So, What’s in a Wedding Photographer’s Camera Bag?’. I’m always more than happy to answer! I also do a lot of mentoring and coaching, and the subject is a popular one for …

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How to backup your photos

Storing your photos is one of the most important parts of your photography, you’ve worked hard to capture them So you’ll need to look after them Things happen, hard drives fail, camera cards fail, you might accidentally delete a picture that you thought you’d backed up, or that you thought didn’t need! So having a …

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The Best Cloud Storage For Photographers

Looking after your images is a major part of being a successful photographer – especially for wedding photographers, and one that requires thought and planning. Ensuring your images are backed up and securely stored is part of the service your clients are paying for. (Don’t have time to check out the whole article? Check out …

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