Hi, I'm Simon

Photography is an incredible career and one I've been fortunate to have enjoyed for close to two decades. When I'm not photographing incredible weddings and events, I love helping other photographers build successful brands and offer the best service for their clients.

Wherever you're looking to take your business, I can help you get there. Whether you've lost direction or you need more enquiries, We can work together through the issues holding you back.

Below you'll find a collection of my educational articles, and for mentoring, 1:1 guidance & speaking opportunities drop me a message -


Marketing for Wedding Photographers

Marketing sucks, right? Wouldn’t you rather be out shooting? You’re not alone! Most photographers don’t enjoy marketing. Hey, I’m Simon & I work with photographers, help them get a handle on their marketing & grow their businesses. I’ve written books, given workshops and worked 1:1 with photographers. Photographers that start with ‘marketing sucks‘ and leave …

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Double Exposure wedding photo tutorial

How to write a wedding blog post, for maximum SEO value

This post draws upon a lot of the concepts from my guide – SEO for Photographers – this time though, I’m going to go through an actual post as I put it together, write it and post it, to share the thought process that goes into each and every blog post. Wedding photographers are in …

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How to Live Stream a Wedding

Since the COVID outbreak the world has changed. Now we are thinking of socially distanced weddings, limited numbers of guests and generally changing the way weddings are celebrated. For the short term at least. Regardless of COVID & socially distanced weddings, there are always going to be people that can’t make your special day – …

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SEO Services for photographers : Coaching

Do you want more traffic? More enquiries? More work? I’ll help you get a handle on your SEO, boost your visibility and increase your traffic. Whatever level you are at – I can help. Maybe you don’t know where to start working on your SEO? I can give you the boost you need. I’ll explain …

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Cameras for Instagrammers

Taking pictures for Instagram has become very popular over the last few years, with lots of people wanting to get involved in it, increase their following and post the next amazing photo. It’s really great to see photography becoming so popular and it’s really exciting hearing so many people wanting to get better at photography, …

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