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Photography is an incredible career and one I've been fortunate to have enjoyed for close to two decades. When I'm not photographing incredible weddings and events, I love helping other photographers build successful brands and offer the best service for their clients.

Wherever you're looking to take your business, I can help you get there. Whether you've lost direction or you need more enquiries, We can work together through the issues holding you back.

Below you'll find a collection of my educational articles, and for mentoring, 1:1 guidance & speaking opportunities drop me a message -


PELI CASE UK – The Best Peli Case for a professional photographer

What would you do if your camera gear got broken on the way to a shoot? Nightmare. Imagine you’re driving to an important shoot, a wedding or something equally unmissable. You have to brake suddenly – a sheep steps out onto the road. You stop, avoiding Shaun.  A few milliseconds pass. Crunch.  That unmistakable sound. …

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Buying gifts for photographers can be hard, especially if you aren’t into photography! Do you buy them something technical – like a camera or a lens? Maybe that’s too expensive a present and you just want to buy a little token that shows you care? What if you want to surprise them? You can’t exactly …

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WEDDING VIDEOGRAPHER GEAR: Best way to record audio

One of the earliest difficulties that Wedding Photographers transitioning to videography face, is capturing sound.

A good audio track on your videos can make the difference between a professional looking film and something uncle bob might produce. Capturing the speeches at a wedding or the vows during the ceremony clearly, and in high quality will mean everything to your couples, enabling them to relive their day over and over again.

When we’re filming weddings we tend to get audio from a few sources, using a variety of tools and I’ll explain those in detail.

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Affiliate Marketing for Wedding Photographers

You work hard to bring people to your website, right? Do you write articles, guides and blog posts? How many visitors do they bring you? A handful? hundreds? thousands? Some of them book you? That’s fantastic. But what about the rest of them? What if I told you how to use your website traffic to: …

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