Hi, I'm Simon

Photography is an incredible career and one I've been fortunate to have enjoyed for close to two decades. When I'm not photographing incredible weddings and events, I love helping other photographers build successful brands and offer the best service for their clients.

Wherever you're looking to take your business, I can help you get there. Whether you've lost direction or you need more enquiries, We can work together through the issues holding you back.

Below you'll find a collection of my educational articles, and for mentoring, 1:1 guidance & speaking opportunities drop me a message -


Affiliate Marketing for Wedding Photographers

You work hard to bring people to your website, right? Do you write articles, guides and blog posts? How many visitors do they bring you? A handful? hundreds? thousands? Some of them book you? That’s fantastic. But what about the rest of them? What if I told you how to use your website traffic to: …

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How much money can you make as a wedding photographer?

So we recently wrote an article about how much wedding photographers charge (and I’ll grab some content from that for this article) but it got me thinking about the other side of the coin – how much do photographers make? I’m going to dive into potential earnings for photographers. It’ll also roughly cover some ideas …

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