Brighton Engagement Session

Charlie & James

Published: 10/09/10 + Updated:24/04/19 by Simon Fazackarley

I was planning on blogging a wedding today (a gorgeous one!) – but thought I’d go for something a bit different… Here’s Charlie & James’ engagement session from this weekend, Sometimes my job really doesn’t feel like a job at all… this sessions a perfect example of this!! – Thanks for an awesome day guys, tasty lunch (Tapas=mmmmm!), a delicious dinner! (steak! yay!) & hopefully – some gorgeous photographs!

Essentially, we wandered around Brighton, avoiding the rain (yes, contrary to popular belief, I can cope with less than So.Cal weather!!), looking for cool locations & finding the pretty light…

Brighton-Engagement-Session-Fazackarley-Charlie-and-James-07 Brighton-Engagement-Session-Fazackarley-Charlie-and-James-05 Brighton-Engagement-Session-Fazackarley-Charlie-and-James-02 Brighton-Engagement-Session-Fazackarley-Charlie-and-James-04 Brighton-Engagement-Session-Fazackarley-Charlie-and-James-08 Brighton-Engagement-Session-Fazackarley-Charlie-and-James-09 Brighton-Engagement-Session-Fazackarley-Charlie-and-James-10 Brighton-Engagement-Session-Fazackarley-Charlie-and-James-11 Brighton-Engagement-Session-Fazackarley-Charlie-and-James-12

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