Buchan Park Engagement

Kylie & Gez

Published: 20/09/10 + Updated:24/04/19 by Simon Fazackarley

I’ve been planning on blogging a few weddings for the past few weeks, but instead, today – I thought I’d blog something completely fresh! – Kylie & Gez’s Engagement session! We had a little wander around Buchan Park in Crawley last night, for possibly the shortest & easiest engagement sessions ever – partly due to the rapidly diminishing day light – but also because Kylie & Gez are super easy to work with, totally relaxed & very giggly! Perfect for photographing!! – can’t wait for their wedding this weekend!

Crawley-Engagement-Session-Fazackarley-Kylie-Gez-03 Crawley-Engagement-Session-Fazackarley-Kylie-Gez-02


Crawley-Engagement-Session-Fazackarley-Kylie-Gez-04 Crawley-Engagement-Session-Fazackarley-Kylie-Gez-05 Crawley-Engagement-Session-Fazackarley-Kylie-Gez-06 Crawley-Engagement-Session-Fazackarley-Kylie-Gez-07 Crawley-Engagement-Session-Fazackarley-Kylie-Gez-08 Crawley-Engagement-Session-Fazackarley-Kylie-Gez-09 Crawley-Engagement-Session-Fazackarley-Kylie-Gez-10

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