Taking your dog on your Engagement Session = yes!

Jessica & Hugh

Published: 11/05/15 + Updated:1/04/20 by Simon Fazackarley

During Easter break I headed along to one of my favourite spots in the city for an engagement session with the awesome Jessica, Hugh and Squid the dog. Stanmer Forest is on the outskirts of the Brighton and my own dog Thor absolutely loves it when I take him there so I knew I was in for a great day.

Jessica and Hugh were totally cool and up for hiking through Stanmer Forest so we kinda let Squid lead the way – although we soon discovered he was more interested in collecting sticks to chew than finding us suitable photo spots! We also managed to have a good chat with some cows in a field nearby, as you do! Jessica is actually a bovine vet by day and the cows literally walked half way up a huge field just to say hi – it was pretty awesome!

Jessica and Hugh and getting married at Fitzleroi Barn later this year so watch this space for pics of them looking gorgeous in their wedding finery coming soon!

Jessica-and-Hughs-Brighton-Engagement-Session-01 Jessica-and-Hughs-Brighton-Engagement-Session-02 Jessica-and-Hughs-Brighton-Engagement-Session-03 Jessica-and-Hughs-Brighton-Engagement-Session-04 Jessica-and-Hughs-Brighton-Engagement-Session-05 Jessica-and-Hughs-Brighton-Engagement-Session-06 Jessica-and-Hughs-Brighton-Engagement-Session-08 Jessica-and-Hughs-Brighton-Engagement-Session-07 Jessica-and-Hughs-Brighton-Engagement-Session-09 Jessica-and-Hughs-Brighton-Engagement-Session-10 Jessica-and-Hughs-Brighton-Engagement-Session-12 Jessica-and-Hughs-Brighton-Engagement-Session-11 Jessica-and-Hughs-Brighton-Engagement-Session-13 Jessica-and-Hughs-Brighton-Engagement-Session-14 Jessica-and-Hughs-Brighton-Engagement-Session-15 Jessica-and-Hughs-Brighton-Engagement-Session-16 Jessica-and-Hughs-Brighton-Engagement-Session-17 Jessica-and-Hughs-Brighton-Engagement-Session-18

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