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Victoria & Graeme

Published: 24/07/10 + Updated:24/04/19 by Simon Fazackarley

In an effort to leave Aisling & Phil’s wedding atop my blog, (& bask in the love!! ta internet!) I’ve let my other blog posts back up… so now I’ve got about 16 things to blog, & literally no time to do them! & with all the lovely weddings & engagements over the coming weeks that 16 will turn into 30 really quickly… Soon I’ll be able to schedule a blog post a week for the entire next year!! If I were even vaguley organised enough to do that, that would be SWEET.

But, rather than ramble on about the sorry state of my blog, I wanted to share this engagement session of the lovely Victoria & Graeme. V&G are getting married next month at Laughton Showgrounds & to say I’m looking forward to their wedding would be a huge understatement!! – Enjoy!

We started off at V&G’s allotment, where they had purple poppies and amazing strawberries!

Brighton-Engagement-Photography-Fazackarley-Victoria-and-Graeme-02 Brighton-Engagement-Photography-Fazackarley-Victoria-and-Graeme-01 Brighton-Engagement-Photography-Fazackarley-Victoria-and-Graeme-03 Brighton-Engagement-Photography-Fazackarley-Victoria-and-Graeme-04 Brighton-Engagement-Photography-Fazackarley-Victoria-and-Graeme-05 Brighton-Engagement-Photography-Fazackarley-Victoria-and-Graeme-06 Brighton-Engagement-Photography-Fazackarley-Victoria-and-Graeme-07 Brighton-Engagement-Photography-Fazackarley-Victoria-and-Graeme-08 Brighton-Engagement-Photography-Fazackarley-Victoria-and-Graeme-09 Brighton-Engagement-Photography-Fazackarley-Victoria-and-Graeme-10 Brighton-Engagement-Photography-Fazackarley-Victoria-and-Graeme-11 Brighton-Engagement-Photography-Fazackarley-Victoria-and-Graeme-12 Brighton-Engagement-Photography-Fazackarley-Victoria-and-Graeme-13 Brighton-Engagement-Photography-Fazackarley-Victoria-and-Graeme-14 Brighton-Engagement-Photography-Fazackarley-Victoria-and-Graeme-15 Brighton-Engagement-Photography-Fazackarley-Victoria-and-Graeme-16

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