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Relaxed photography of real life.

Photographs that capture who you are. No posing, no staging or faking it. No matching outfits or babies in baskets.

Just honest, authentic and relaxed documentary photography that captures who you are and where you are at right now.

From relaxed, candid photography of your day-to-day stories, to the tiny toes of a newborn, to fun-filled adventures with your family. You deserve images celebrating both the big and small moments. Photos that will transport you back to this point in your life, capturing the feeling and moments beautifully – every last bit of life is special. Celebrate it.

New arrivals.

Those first few weeks, wow – they go so fast.

From the moment you bring them home they’re a life changing whirlwind of emotion – yet no matter what those first few months bring, these are the moments that you’ll want to remember. They’re also the moments that become the haziest as time goes by.

A collection of photos of your newborn is something to treasure, something that you’ll love to look at across the years, from their first day of school to their wedding day – a collection of photos of them at a few weeks old is the greatest gift you can give your future self.

Your little one is only really a ‘little one’ for a couple of months, they grow up so fast – so getting beautiful images of those first few weeks is precious. A documentary shoot around your house is the ideal solution.

You have all the baby cuddles, we’ll get the photos.


I’m Simon, I’ve been a wedding photographer for half my life, together with my partner Heather, I run Fazackarley offering wedding photography and wedding films across Sussex and the UK.

Beyond being a photographer, I’m a Dad and family man. You can usually find us hanging out on the beach or going on adventures in forests – a camera always close to hand. I’m a soppy fella who loves nothing more than reading to our little girl at bedtime, putting on silly voices or pretending to be a horsey upon request.

Also, I’m an outdoorsy kind of guy, counting down the days until Robyn is old enough to go on epic hikes and mountain climbs – although she may not agree..


In 14 years of wedding photography, I’ve seen so much love & laughter, joy.

I’ve seen families coming together, growing and flourishing.

It wasn’t until our daughter, Robyn – arrived in 2016 that I truly understood the importance of documenting life, the big and small events, the everyday routines and the in-between moments.

The moments that interconnect to form our lives, deserve to be treasured.

I’m fortunate that both myself and my partner Heather are professional photographers, so our lives and the life of our little person are very well documented, but I know not everyone has that opportunity and that’s something I want to remedy.

I want to give everyone I work with a set of beautiful images that celebrates their life, whether it’s a big event like a wedding, maybe they have a new addition or perhaps they have a comfortable routine – whatever stage of life, it’s beautiful and should be captured and treasured.


The photo sessions are relaxed and tailored to suit you and your family.

They can be on location, in your home – or anywhere you can imagine.

I’m based in Sussex, but travel all across the UK to tell beautiful family stories.

Essentially, I’ll come to you or we’ll meet somewhere and you’ll do what you do, while I capture it! I’m happy to give a bit of guidance on what will work well, or tips for getting the most out of your session – but mainly I’ll shoot things as they happen and capture you and your clan doing whatever it is they do

After the shoot I’ll lovingly edit the images and put together a beautiful story for you to treasure.

Sessions last anywhere from 1-2 hours to an entire day, depending on how big of a story you’d like to tell.

booking + contact

If you have any other questions, or if you would like to book a session – give me a shout using the form below, or email