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Buying gifts for photographers can be hard, especially if you aren’t into photography! Do you buy them something technical – like a camera or a lens? Maybe that’s too expensive a present and you just want to buy a little token that shows you care?

What if you want to surprise them? You can’t exactly ask them what they want and retain the surprise, can you?

You want something that shows you care, but you also know they’re pretty specific about what they want.

Luckily, We’ve gone to the trouble of picking some gifts for photographers that we know we would love to receive – and given that we are photographers, we know what we’re talking about!!

To make it easier for you to find the ideal present, we’ll break it down into sections based on how much you’d like to spend.

Whereas a lot of these gift lists are for the international market, we’ve selected presents easily accessible to the UK market and all should be in stock on Amazon. We’re always buying things on Amazon and we do a lot of Amazon product photography, so it was a natural choice.

Not sure which gifts for photographers to buy?

If you can’t find anything that you think would work – You can’t go wrong with gift vouchers all the big shops do them, but UK photographers would probably like one from either WEX or Amazon, so they can put it towards that next big camera purchase.

Gifts for Photographers : Under £10

Read This If You Want To Take Good Photographs

A really great present, this little book is aimed at more amateur photographers and has tons of insight and thoughts on taking better photographs. After this, they’ll be excited to pick up their camera and create. It’s well worth a read – but maybe don’t give it to a professional, we offend easily ;)

Retro Camera Strap

We have a couple of these for our camera and they’re great for when you’re doing street photography and want to remain discreet. They’re subtle and yet surprisingly good quality. Really cheap as well! A cheap and thoughtful gift, your photographer will love one!

Memory Card Carrying Case

For busy photographers these memory card carry cases are a brilliant way to keep your cards organised while also protecting them when out of your camera. Shock proof and waterproof the photographer in your life will thank you! We’ve got a loads of these and they’re so well made – very useful!


We’ve got a couple of these in our camera bags – they’re so useful and make for a great little gift. You can use them in photography to make ‘light trail’ photographs, or just for finding stuff when out and about on a night time shoot. An easy purchase any photographer will love!

Gifts for Photographers : Under £20


Lens Mugs have become a kind of joke present in the realms of photographers – one professional I know has been given no less than 15 of them over the past few years. But there are a lot of amateur photographers who won’t have one and it will definitely go down well!

This one if for Canon photographers and the one below is for Nikon photographers – believe me, photographers get precious about ‘the right brand’ so make sure you get the right one!! (If you’re not sure, It’ll say it on their camera!)

JOBY GripTight ONE Smartphone Tripod

Smartphone photography is still photography – most phones have a great camera nowadays and Joby makes some of the best mini tripods for phones. It’s small enough to carry anywhere, so the photographer you’re buying gifts for can use it to do landscapes, long exposures, selfies, time-lapses – the limit is their imagination!

They say the best camera is the one you have with you, so we’re all for embracing smartphone photography.

Gorilla Pod

You can’t go wrong with a gorilla pod – it shows you’ve put thought in and it’s a super useful gift for photographers. Especially if they’re the kind of photographer that likes to take selfies – or be in the group photo! You can use them for mounting your camera to pretty much any surface – we have a few and we love them. The one I’ve linked is ideal for compact cameras and they do bigger ones for SLRs and bigger cameras.

Creative Calling by Chase Jarvis

A fabulous motivation book for anyone creative, written by a photographer tackling the issues lots of creatives find themselves dealing with – full of encouragement and inspiring advice. This book makes a great gift for anyone with a love of photography and will leave them itching to pick up a camera!

This is our top gifts for photographers recommendation!

Mastering Street Photography – Brian Lloyd Duckett

Street Photography is one of the most popular genres of photography right now and a lot of UK photographers, professional or amateur are getting into it. This book breaks down a lot of the techniques and gives you a head start in Street Photography. A great gift if the person you’re buying for is interested in street photography.

Photographing Scotland – Dougie Cunningham

If the photographer you are buying gifts for is into Landscape photography – this book will be a great gift. Scotland is one of the finest places for landscape photographers to work and this book is chock full of gorgeous photos and locations for getting the best shots. In fact, take me back to Scotland and give me a camera!

Bird Camera T-Shirt

T-shirts are always a pretty safe gift. There are a lot of them of dubious quality and with some pretty obnoxious prints – but we think this simple graphic t-shirt of a camera and a bird looks nice. If your photographer is a bird photographer they’ll love it. Actually, we’re not bird photographers – but we’d still love it!

Don’t Be Negative T Shirt

OK, maybe it’s cheesy, but sometimes cheesy is good! The camera is a great illustration & I’m getting ‘Frankie says relax’ vibes from this photographers print t-shirt, and that can’t be a bad thing!! An amazing gift for the shutterbug in your life. Click the link to see the latest price on Amazon.

Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod

A little different to the Gorillapod above, but still doing a similar task – this mini tripod is an absolute beast and can hold more weight than the Gorillapod, so is ideal for bigger cameras. It’s also great because it folds up so small and can be carried anywhere – the perfect gift for the photographer on the move!

A brilliant present for the photographer in your life!

Gifts for Photographers : Under £50


Lens Mugs have become a kind of joke present in the realms of photographers – It’s definitely worth checking if your photographer has one already. But there are a lot of amateur photographers who won’t have one and it will definitely go down well! Nothing says ‘I love photography’ more than sipping your coffee from a lens.

Just make sure you don’t pour a hot beverage in an actual lens!

This is the Nikon version and the Canon version is just above. If you’re not sure which to gift your photographer, It’ll say it on their camera!

Cable Organiser Bag

For photographers who travel a lot, or even for those who like to keep their cables and wires neat, this electronics tidy case is the perfect choice to keep everything organised – nothing worse than a tangle of messy cables:

ANKER Powerbank

We’ve got loads of these and they’re fantastic – they’re perfect for charging your batteries in the field on photography expeditions, or keeping the iPad topped up so you can watch Netflix on those chilly evenings after a long day of photo walks! You can even run some cameras off them!

Waterproof Pack Mac

Not the most exciting gift but something that no photographer should be without, especially in the UK! Lightweight and easy to pop inside a camera bag. We don’t go to any shoots without one of these handy little macs and it’s saved us from getting soaked at numerous weddings!

Bluetooth Selfie Stick Tripod

The technology going on inside this tiny little selfie stick tripod thing is insane for the price – Bluetooth, wireless remote control – you can use it to take selfies, film yourself or remotely take photos – a really good and reasonably cheap gift for the photographer in your life.

Alex Webb – The Suffering of Light

Alex Webb is a street photographer and this is one of the finest photography books money can buy. Ours takes pride of place on our bookshelf – a truly stunning book of gorgeous work by a master of photography.

Peak Design Camera Strap

We love everything Peak Design makes and these camera straps are some of the best money can buy – the design is crisp and modern, yet supremely strong and functional. The toggle system for quickly attaching to your camera is genius and whoever you gift this too is a very lucky photographer!

If you’re stuck for what preset to buy your photographer – you can’t go wrong with a Peak Design Strap!

Gifts for Photographers : Under £100

KODAK Smile Instant Photo Printer

We’re big advocates of printing your photos – nothing beats seeing your photography work in print and then you get the added benefit of sharing with friends! If we were given a mini printer like this as a gift, we’d be so pleased! Check Amazon for the Latest Price.

A more substantial photography gift, but a fantastic one!

Lowepro Streetline Camera Bag

Lowepro makes some of the best photography and camera bags around and the street line is a cracking one – we love our shoulder bags when we’re travelling light and they’re so convenient for grabbing your camera quickly and getting that beautiful photo. We’re confident your photographer will love it!

Martin Parr – Photography

Love him or hate him, Martin Parr is one of Britains most successful photographers and this book chronicles his whole career throughout the British Isles and abroad. It’s a combination of photos and biographical articles. A true gem and for fans of his work a perfect gift.

Gifts for Photographers : Under £200

Sandisk SSD

These things are the most rugged external drives we’ve come across – they’re just brilliant and we trust them time and time again with our important photography files. They clip onto bags and can just go everywhere with you! They’re light and convenient and will be sure to please any photographer that you’re shopping for! Click below for the Latest Price.

Lowepro ProTactic 450 AW II Camera Rucksack

A photographer can never have enough bags and this is one of our favourites – we have a couple of them!! It has space for everything photography related and more besides, it’s so well designed – it’s basically the only camera bag you’ll ever need.

Lacie Rugged Hard drive

These things are brilliant, huge capacity – much bigger than the Sandisk above, but a teeny bit less rugged. They don’t need any extra cables they also look awesome! Perfect for landscape photographers to transfer all their files from their camera for safekeeping after long days walking the countryside and then for enjoying looking through their photography when they get home. Check below on Amazon for the Latest Price.

PELI 1510 Camera Box

If you’re serious about protecting your camera and your photography gear, a Pelicase is the holy grail and if the photographer you’re buying gifts for doesn’t have one, they will love you for buying them one. We have a couple and they have been the best investment we’ve ever made – would not be disappointed to get one as a gift.

We hope our list of gifts for photographers has been helpful!

There we have it, a selection of Gifts for photographers between £10 & £200, we hope our guide has given you some ideas for what to buy them. We know a Photographer is a difficult person to buy for, but your effort will definitely be appreciated!