Last Sunday, I had a shoot scheduled with my great friend,  Hayley (who is a fab Cambridge Wedding Photographer!!) & the lovely Heather, We were due to be working with a model, in a similar way as with the poppy shoot from a few months back, but at the last minute our model had to pull out, Luckily Sarah was more than eager to make the trip down from London to hang out with us for the day! Seriously, how cool was that of her to pose for us!! I think she did a fab job as a model for the day! Thanks Sarah!!

To make things even more interesting Sarah jumped into her wedding dress, (from her wedding, the month before) & we wandered around Brighton for a bridal session, Starting at Brighton Pier & wandering through the lanes towards the fabulously busy North Laine, attracting more attention than I thought was possible in the liberalest of all Cities!! Seriously, naked dudes attract less attention than we did! Whats up with that?!?

& at one stage we even had a tourist asking to pose for pictures…Guess he thought Sarah was a celebrity!! Crazy!

Anyway, it was a great fun day, we hunted for the gorgeous light & we found some fantastic locations on the way, that I will definitely be using in the future, although a certain smelly doorway will never be used again. EVER.

So, without further ado, here are what a few of you have been waiting (impatiently) for!!


Brighton-Bridal-Portrait-Photography-Sarah-Fazackarley-02 Brighton-Bridal-Portrait-Photography-Sarah-Fazackarley-03 Brighton-Bridal-Portrait-Photography-Sarah-Fazackarley-04 Brighton-Bridal-Portrait-Photography-Sarah-Fazackarley-05 Brighton-Bridal-Portrait-Photography-Sarah-Fazackarley-06 Brighton-Bridal-Portrait-Photography-Sarah-Fazackarley-07 Brighton-Bridal-Portrait-Photography-Sarah-Fazackarley-08 Brighton-Bridal-Portrait-Photography-Sarah-Fazackarley-09 Brighton-Bridal-Portrait-Photography-Sarah-Fazackarley-10