We went exploring with Rachel and found an incredibly beautiful Poppy field just outside of Brighton.

It’s impossible to to take a bad photograph when your location & model look this good.

Bridal Sessions are becoming really popular as, for brides on their wedding day, striking the balance between amazing portraits, getting their wedding dress dirty and taking time away from their guests is difficult.

So booking a bridal session after the wedding is a brilliant excuse to get back into the dress and spend time creating beautiful photographs, exploring locations we wouldn’t have a chance to on the day and have some fun.

Of course, grooms can be invited too!

Brighton-Portrait-Photography-Rachel-Holland-Fazackarley-01 Brighton-Portrait-Photography-Rachel-Holland-Fazackarley-02 Brighton-Portrait-Photography-Rachel-Holland-Fazackarley-03 Brighton-Portrait-Photography-Rachel-Holland-Fazackarley-04 Brighton-Portrait-Photography-Rachel-Holland-Fazackarley-05 Brighton-Portrait-Photography-Rachel-Holland-Fazackarley-06 Brighton-Portrait-Photography-Rachel-Holland-Fazackarley-07 Brighton-Portrait-Photography-Rachel-Holland-Fazackarley-08 Brighton-Portrait-Photography-Rachel-Holland-Fazackarley-09 Brighton-Portrait-Photography-Rachel-Holland-Fazackarley-10 Brighton-Portrait-Photography-Rachel-Holland-Fazackarley-11