A few weeks ago a large envelope dropped through my door containing a thank you card from Leah and Adam (you might remember I shot their beautiful wedding back in August), but also inside¬†the envelope was an incredible handmade newspaper full of all the photographs I took at their wedding! Leah & Adam had made the paper to send out as a thank you to all their wedding¬†guests and it’s such a cool idea. Take a look at their handiwork below – these two are seriously creative!

And a massive thanks to Leah & Adam – your newspaper made my day! x

Leah-and-Adam-Wedding-Newspaper01 Leah-and-Adam-Wedding-Newspaper02 Leah-and-Adam-Wedding-Newspaper03 Leah-and-Adam-Wedding-Newspaper04 Leah-and-Adam-Wedding-Newspaper05 Leah-and-Adam-Wedding-Newspaper06 Leah-and-Adam-Wedding-Newspaper08