Mentoring (1 Hour)


An hour of our mentoring via Facetime or Skype



An hour of our mentoring via Facetime or Skype, we can cover anything you need including:

  • Where you are now and where you would like to be with your photography.
  • How to find & define your style & identity.
  • Marketing, advertising and how to find the right type of clients.
  • SEO and how to manage your website to bring in the best traffic.
  • Networking with other vendors, how to build real relationships.
  • Tips for success and how to learn from my mistakes.
  • Business plans and targeted growth.
  • How to stay creative throughout a long wedding season & avoid burnout.
  • How to develop a secure and efficient workflow.
  • How to develop your own visual style & consistency through processing.
  • We can also provide portfolio, website, brand & social media reviews if required.
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