Hey, I’m Simon. A Wedding Photographer & SEO Consultant.

This guide will help you generate more traffic, more enquiries, more bookings and grow your business using SEO.

I’ve been running a wedding photography business for over 14 years, bringing in between 500-600 enquiries every year.

I only aim to do between 20 & 30 weddings a year, so having that many enquiries allows me to fill my schedule with the right type of weddings, for the right kind of couples.
Couples I’m excited to work with and are excited to work with me.

You should have this opportunity too.

I generate my enquiries through a combination of methods, but one of the biggest traffic drivers is SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the process of making your content attractive to search engines.

I’ve spoken with many photographers about SEO over the years and helped many to improve their rankings and generate more traffic, but I still feel like a lot of photographers are daunted by the process, some deeming it as ‘too technical’ or ‘time-consuming’ – so I want to help make it easier for you.

If you have any questions about any of the topics or want some help with your SEO – get in touch.

SEO isn’t a short term solution, it takes time, planning and consistency – but I’m confident will continue to produce excellent results for years to come.

SEO also isn’t tough –  it requires a relatively minimal investment of time – you can achieve significant, long-term results with a couple of hours a week, a bit of logical/analytical thinking, and the willingness to do the research.

You’re probably already putting in the work blogging etc. – I want to help you to focus the efforts, to obtain better results.

There is so much to learn around SEO, so I wanted to put together a guide that focuses on the areas I’ve personally had success with as a wedding photographer, combined with shedding some light on areas that cause other photographers to struggle.

Because a lot of the topics are in-depth & I have a tendency to go deep into the details when I’m excited about a subject, I’ll try to include a TLDR* at the bottom of sections for critical points.

*TLDR is ‘Too Long, Didn’t Read’ – basically, a summary.

This guide will focus on the UK market, but SEO principles are universal.

This SEO guide is a work in progress for 2019.

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