Do you want to increase the amount of traffic your website gets? This guide should help!

I’m going to start simple and explain everything in as basic terms as I can, I want this guide to help anyone who hasn’t felt confident to do their own SEO work before.

If you are more advanced, I hope you still get value from it, and I apologise if anything is overly simplified!

What is SEO?

SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization is the name given to the process of structuring your content and generally tweaking your website to make sure Google (& other search engines, yes – there are others – Duck Duck Go, Bing & Yahoo) find it and show it to the right people.

Before I was a wedding photographer I ran a graphic design studio and SEO was an area that particularly interested me, an area that I’ve been sure to keep my knowledge up-to-date in and it’s been immensely useful for my photography business.

I’m putting together this guide to help other wedding photographers drive more traffic to their sites. The information is structured so as to be most useful to wedding photographers – but the techniques can be applied to anyone in the wedding industry and pretty much any industry.

What’s the most important bit of your business?

When I was at college, some 15+ years ago, one of my lecturers started a discussion –

“What’s the most important part of your photography business?”

We all came back with different answers, ranging from your camera to your eye, to your personality to your branding – you get the idea.

I probably said ‘your artistic vision’, being a pretentious teenager.

None of us came up with the answer she wanted – which was the telephone.

OK, showing my age a bit here – but back then the primary point of contact for all business would be the telephone.

Her idea, however, has stood the test of time, even if the telephone hasn’t –  the idea that, without clients contacting you – the rest doesn’t matter one bit.

Over the years I’ve come to understand this idea more and more, nowadays the majority point of first contact will be email, or at least some form of online communication – be that your website, social media etc.

But how do you get people to make that first step? Your work may be amazing, but what if nobody is looking at it? How do you get your work in front of the right people?

Need some help?

If you feel daunted (though trust me, it’s quite simple!), don’t have the time or just don’t fancy doing it for yourself, then I’d be happy to help you out. I help a limited number of people each year – mainly in the wedding industry, but I’m keen to help everyone get more work. Drop me a message for rates.

Assumptions and Websites

OK, so this guide assumes you have a website – I think that’s a fair place to start, but if you don’t – you probably already know you should get one.

Some people start their businesses using Facebook Pages, and whilst this is great, there isn’t much you can do to SEO a Facebook page.

I’m a big advocate of a self-hosted WordPress site – with the right theme you can get it looking amazing and with a little work get the SEO perfect – all without a huge range of technical knowledge. I custom build my own WordPress themes, but if you’re interested in getting one or having some help setting up an ‘off the shelf’ solution – give me a shout.

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