I offer a variety of different services to help you get a handle on your SEO, boost your visibility and increase your traffic. Everything can be tailored to suit your exact needs and support you in the best way possible, but this guide should give you an idea of how things work.


The SEO process usually begins with an Audit. I’ll go through your site looking for issues and provide suggestions that will help your site climb the search rankings and increase your visibility. I’ll provide you with a video audit showing key areas and giving tips on what to improve, alongside a detailed document providing research, further details and in-depth suggestions. I don’t automate my audits like many SEO agencies – your audit will be entirely targeted for your website and designed to be actionable immediately.

You can then implement these suggestions yourself, or we can work together over a longer term to implement, optimize and nurture growth.

Audits are £85 and usually delivered within 10 days, but during busy times a queue may form and you’ll be given a waiting time upon ordering.

Some recent example audit videos can be seen below.

Sam Cook Photography

Sam asked me to take a look through her site, as she believed Google ‘hated her’ and her site was ‘beyond help’. After looking through I was pleased to offer a variety of suggestions from:

  • The importance of compressing images.
  • Adding keywords to her blog titles.
  • The future of the web and SSL certificates.
  • The value of backlinks.

Sam’s a brilliant writer, so all she needed was a nudge in the right direction and she was away!


“Super helpful… I can now see why my site isn’t ranking!

it means the absolute world to me as I was at a total brick wall with what to do to help!


Winnington + Coe

Elle of Winnington + Coe – the TWIAs best newcomer – reached out to me via Instagram, asking me to take a look through the site. She felt she ‘sucked at SEO’ and had ‘no idea where to start’. I picked up on a few things during the audit that will have immediate results:

  • The value of text and how Google sees the web.
  • Local Searches and areas covered.
  • Using Headings to target keywords.
  • Backlink building.

Elle & Ben’s work is beautiful, so it was a pleasure to help them get a bit more exposure.


“That was so so so so good!

I’m completely useless at everything like SEO, so that was all amazingly insightful and helpful!


Jessra Photography

Yesenia is based in Connecticut, USA and wanted me to take a look through her site, and see how she could better target the local area. She had been ‘youtubing the heck’ out of SEO and still didn’t get it, so wanted a hand. After the audit I was able to provide some quick win suggestions to help her move forward:

  • Targeting lower competition keywords.
  • Adding more content to boost existing pages.
  • Building landing pages to target markets.
  • Headings and on-page optimizations

Yesenia has a lovely style, and a great personality – so it’s exciting to be able to help her get more local business!


“Wow! Thank you so much for the feedback.

As a visual learner the video really helped!

…and great accent!