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    To keep the day flowing nicely, I suggest keeping the list to 3-5 groups. (5 Groups take around 20 minutes)
    If you have any specific requirements outside of the options above, please feel free to complete the box below.
  • ie.
    w/ Alex's Parents: Alex, Mark, Sarah.
    w/ Sam's Parents: Sam, Elaine, Daniel.
    w/ Alex's Immediate Family: Alex, Mark, Sarah, Sally, Chris.
    w/ Sam's Immediate Family: Sam, Elaine, Daniel, Mark, Rachel, Joanne.
  • (Or multiple people) Ideally they will know who everyone is & If it's someone who's keen at organising and directing, that helps!
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  • This is in case of an emergency or unforeseen circumstance on the day & I'm unable to reach you, although I'd try to reach you or your partner first.
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