Liss & Matt

Blimey, where to start with this corker of a Brympton House Wedding! A few weeks ago (weeks turn into months pretty quickly when you have a newborn in the house!) I headed along the coast to Somerset for Liss & Matt’s wedding at the stunning Brympton D’evercy House. I regularly travel west for weddings, including places like Bath and Bristol – but this was a completely new place for me and my word, what a place!

Tugela & Tom

Tiggy & Tommy’s wedding earlier this year was a ton of fun – regardless of the rain, these guys knew how to bring the fun!

I hadn’t had the chance to meet them before their wedding day – I had a single phone call with Tom & a couple of emails with Tiggy, but that was enough to know they were my kind of people – they love photography & know how to throw a great party! In fact, based on their love of Lomography – they could probably teach me a thing or too!! (Did I mention film scares me??)

They had their wedding at All Saints Church in East Meon, Hampshire & spent the day surrounded by their (lovely, friendly & ultra welcoming!) friends & family at The Manor Barn, Buriton.

If I there was an award for the distances travelled by guests to be at a wedding, I think T&T’s wedding would win by airmiles – people came from EVERYWHERE… Scotland, America, South Africa, Japan, literally everywhere (there were countries represented I had never even heard of) all to be a part of their day – It was an absolute honour to be a part of =)