Victoria & Tim

Vic & Tim got married earlier this year & it would be a gross misrepresentation to say it was epic. it was more than epic. it was PROPERLY EPIC.

Great People? yup! Mindblowing Castle? yup!! Fantastic Fireworks? yup… ear crushingly loud Canon Salute? errrrr….. Oh yeah!

They had their ceremony at Stibbington Church, a church & area that have a lot of family history attached, then headed onto Belvoir Castle for the reception.

Victoria & Tim

Love Vic & Tim, seems like a lifetime ago I shot their engagement in Manchester – but it was very cool, I’ve been to Manchester a few times before, but never on a ‘proper’ shoot – it really gave me a chance to explore & find some of the less travelled alleys… It’s where the cool kids hang out… honest.

Vic & Tim are really cool, interesting people – totally easy to get on with & mega easy to photograph too!! We spent a whole day on the shoot (broken up by visits to coffee shops for cake.) visiting areas important to them & generally exploring Didsbury & Manchester until it got cold & dark… when we went & had one of the best chinese meals I’ve ever had!

It was a genuine treat getting to know them before their wedding – the photos from which are coming soon! &… they… are… epic…