The benefits of Wedding Venues with Accommodation

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Something to consider when looking at Wedding Venues is whether they have accommodation on-site or not and whether that is something that is important to you. We’ve put together this article of pros and cons to help you decide before you pick a wedding venue.

Logistics & Travel

The simplest reason to go for a venue with on-site accommodation is logistics. Being late for their wedding is something every bride and groom dreads. Most venues with accommodation will allow you to stay the night before the wedding – or at least arrive nice and early ahead of your ceremony – meaning your chances for arriving late are greatly reduced. If you have lots of things to transport to the venue – cakes, decorations, clothes, gifts etc. – this can be an absolute lifesaver.

Travelling in a big dress is also notoriously difficult – many wedding dresses are not designed to go in and out of cars – so getting ready at the venue means you’ve only got a short walk to get to the ceremony – thus much lower chances of your dress getting messy before the ceremony.

Relaxed Morning with friends

This is our favourite reason for getting ready at the venue – the chance to have all of your friends around you as you getting ready is a truly magical thing and a perfect start to a perfect day. Most people don’t have the room at their homes to accommodate many people getting ready simultaneously – whereas a good venue takes this in its stride.

As photographers, this is one of our favourite parts of the day – capturing all of those little storytelling moments and any last-minute nerves really leads into a perfect story.

Immersion & Getting out of your routine

Getting ready at home may make things simpler – you know where everything is and how long everything takes to do, but there is a lot to be said for getting out of your routine and going into completely unfamiliar surroundings on the morning of your wedding – it’ll snap you out of your daily routine and you won’t be thinking of work, or the bit of DIY that needs doing.

Leaving you fully focused on the day ahead!


Being so close to your ceremony location, you’ll no doubt here activity and guests arriving, all which will contribute towards an increased sense of tension and anticipation – so when the actual ceremony arrives you’ll be super excited for it! For your guests too, the excitement that the bride is just around the corner is often a fun thing to experience.

No clean up!

Ok, so multiple people getting ready in the same space, drinking champagne – leaves a lot of mess. Not to mention makeup and hair will create a lot of chaos and out-of-place items. If this was your house you would have to clean up afterwards! If its not, then someone else will handle the tidying, while you’re off doing the whole wedding thing!

We hope this has given you something to think about with regards where you might get ready on the morning of your big day, but if you had any questions – do drop us a message.