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There’s always a lot of discussion in the wedding photography community about what to wear to a wedding if you are a wedding photographer or wedding videographer. Some people argue that you should always wear a suit and be incredibly smart. Others feel that you should dress for comfort and express your personality through your clothes. Whatever your views on wedding attire an important aspect of your outfit choice is what to wear on your feet.

We’ve made a list of some of the main considerations we’ve had when selecting wedding shoes to give you an idea of things you might want to consider.

Things to Consider when buying Shoes for photographers


Ok, so as a wedding photographer or videographer it’s guaranteed that you’re going to be on your feet all day so comfort is a huge consideration. On wedding days you tend to rack up the steps, not to mention any walking you have to do from your car to the church or reception venue. 


What you wear on your feet needs to look good. If you only have one pair of shoes that you wear to all your weddings then you might want to opt for something in a neutral colour such as black to go with most outfits. But if you’re more of a natty dresser then black might just be too plain for your taste. We can personally recommend the Cole Haan brand as they tick the boxes for style, comfort and durability, Although a little pricier than some options they really are some of the best shoes for photographers you can get.


If you’ve invested a big chuck of change in some new wedding shoes then you want to be confident that they are going to last through a fair few weddings. Wedding photographers and videographers really put shoes through their paces during the course of a wedding day so the last thing you want is them falling apart after just one wear – or even during the wedding itself!


Leather shoes are a great option, they wipe clean and hold their structure well. Canvas shoes can be a good option for anyone who prefers not to wear leather, they are breathable and light but the downsides are that canvas can collect a lot of dust and fluff and is harder to clean than leather.


If you’re new to wedding photography then shoe noise might seem like a really strange thing to consider. However, we’ve shot over 400 weddings and we can assure you that noisy shoes are a major no no at weddings. When you’re shooting a wedding you want to be able to be as discreet as possible – you don’t want to be the one clomping around the aisles while the couple are exchanging vows.

We’ve even had meetings with potential clients who have specifically asked us whether we wear noisy shoes because they would want their photographer to be as quiet as possible. No joke.


A key consideration for most people is budget. Some photographers like to purchase a new pair of shoes each wedding season, others like to make a more considered investment that they can spend more on and then wear into the ground.

As professional wedding photographers we’ve tried and tested lots of different shoes over the years so we’ve put together a list of some of our favorites to date.

Best shoes for Male Wedding Photographer

You need to be comfortable, look stylish and be ready for anything. From running after the wedding car to sneaking down the aisle for the kiss, these shoes will deliver.

Cole Haans ZeroGrand

There’s a lot of buzz around the wedding photography community about Cole Haan shoes, and for good reason. The designers pride themselves in creating shoes that are both comfortable, durable and classic in design. We will say that when Simon bought his first pair they did take a fair bit of breaking in around the house before he could comfortably wear them to a wedding but once they moulded to his feet they were a really quality pair of shoes.

Classic black leather shoes – Clarks Men’s Tilden Walk Derbys

We can’t recommend Clark’s shoes enough. It’s rare these days to find a brand that offers a quality durable product that is also comfortable. They won’t win awards for snazzy designs but if you’re happy to play it safe then you can’t go wrong with a classic pair of Clark’s shoes.

Rich brown brogues – Ted Baker Men’s Guri

Ted Baker baker have a reputation for quality and these shoes are no exception. If you are going for a smart look then you can’t go wrong with a navy blue wedding suit and a pair of rich brown brogues.

Black Vans Atwood

For a more casual wedding outfit Vans are a great option. Comfy and breathable, they are great option for when you are on your feet all day. Do bear in mind that the canvas material does attract dust and fluff though, but it’s nothing a lint roller and a damp cloth can’t fix.

Black Leather Converse Chuck Taylor Allstars Low Top

We love converse and find the all black options are a subtle  and comfy wedding shoe option for more casual weddings. They make minimal noise so you can sneak around in a church ceremony without drawing any unnecessary attention to yourself.

Best shoes for female photographers

Comfortable and Stylish – you’re on your feet all day taking photos, but you still want to look good!

Simple black Vans

Not the most exciting footware option but very comfy for those weddings when you know you’ll be racking up the steps. Style with long loose trousers and no one will be any the wiser about what you’re wearing on your feet.

Black Ballet Shoes

Comfy and classic, ballet pumps go with most outfits and are easy on your feet. As we mentioned before, they are also a quiet shoe option for maintaining a discreet presence when photographing a church wedding ceremony.

Black Brogues

Don’t believe anyone who says brogues are just for the boys. A classic pair of brogues can really finish off an outfit if you’re going for a smarter look.

Burgandy Dr. Martins

These Dr Martins are a unisex option so they come in a range of sizes – great if you have larger feet and struggle to find a classic shoe in your size. Also, perfect for weddings were you want to strike the balance between smart and casual.

Cole Hann Womens ZEROGRAND

We’ve mentioned previously that we are big fans of Cole Hann’s and these Oxford style shoes tick all the boxes for classic and comfy wedding day shoes.

Clarks Leopard Print Shoes

If you are looking for something a bit different from the usual black or brown shoes then why not try these snazzy animal print loafers. The perfect way to lift a plain outfit and inject a bit of personality into your look.

Best shoes for wedding videographers

Of course, Wedding Photographers aren’t the only ones on their feet all day! Videographers are always asking us about shoes, so here are some suggestions! (and don’t forget, you can always just go for the same ones photographers do above!)

Converse Chuck Taylors

Converse high tops are a comfy classic and the high tops mean you don’t need to worry about which socks you’re wearing underneath! These are our tried and tested wedding shoe favs and we’ve found that one pair lasts us a good couple of wedding seasons and only need a quick wipe with a damp cloth and a good spray of weather protector to get them looking back to their best.

Black Adidas Superstars

Adidas superstars are a classic and these all black ones are a subtle way to get away with wearing trainers to work. 

Brown Oxfords

These shoes are practical and classy – a rare combination in a boot. They might be too nice to wear to a wedding!

Brown Dr. Martins

Some people shy away from chunky boots. However, these boots are both comfy and durable and will easily handle the scratches and scrapes you encounter when lugging gear around at weddings. Perfect for chilly winter weddings too, teamed with thermal socks!