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Trying to decided whether to have two wedding photographers or one, can be tough – For some weddings having a second photographer can make a lot of sense and it can certainly ensure you get the very best coverage of your special day. My second photographer is my partner Heather, who is also a professional photographer. We’ve been shooting weddings together for about 6 years and our styles compliment each other perfectly to provide you with seamless dual wedding coverage. So why should you have a second photographer? What are the benefits of having two wedding photographers?

Pre-wedding preparations

The pre-wedding preparations are usually a really special part of the day, full of lovely moments between family and friends. All our couples who have had both myself and Heather photograph their wedding have said how much they’ve loved being able to sit together after the wedding and look back on each other’s side of the wedding prep and sharing a few tears and a good giggle!

Unless you’re both getting ready in the same venue (hotel etc.) it’s not always possible for your photographer to get coverage of both you and your partner pre-ceremony, both because of time and logistics. Having two photographers means one of us can stay with one side of the wedding party (eg the groom) and get all the reactions and pre-wedding excitement (& nerves!) from the boys, any final touches to wedding decorations, opening their gift from the bride and arriving at the wedding venue and greeting guests – parts of the day the bride would never usually get to see!

Below are some examples of what we were capturing at identical moments on the morning of several weddings –

The other photographer stays with the other side of the wedding party (eg bride) to cover the girls side of the prep, hair and makeup, opening a card/gift from the groom, giggles with family and friends, the bride putting on her wedding dress, father of the brides first look at his daughter in her wedding dress (always a tear-jerker!) and the last minute nerves and excitement as the wedding party leaves for the ceremony. Depending on the location of the wedding your photographer may need to leave prior to the bride putting on her wedding dress to enable them to get to the ceremony venue before her to photograph her arrival. Having two photographers means one will usually be able to stay with the bridal party until they leave for the ceremony, to photograph putting on the dress and any special portraits you may want during this special time.

Large weddings

If you’re having a large wedding (150+ guests) with a lot going on, then having two photographers ensures nothing gets missed.

Special moments

Two photographers mean you’ll get two different angles from your ceremony coverage (one of us will be photographing from the back of the church and the other will be right up front near you – if we’re allowed!). At Anuar & Julia’s wedding (below!), Heather was able to go upstairs & shoot from a balcony, as well as from the back of the room, while I could stay near the front, capturing all those beautiful, emotional moments!

Couple shots

In some circumstances your main photographer can take you away for a short period to do some couple shots of you both while the second photographer stays behind to cover the reception. This can be particularly useful if you have a very tight timetable with a short drinks reception. Alternatively, you may want both of us to photograph your couple shots – this is usually a lot of fun and allows the second photographer to provide styling and shot assistance and detail shots.

Styling and assistance during group shots

Wine glasses, beer bottles, handbags, runaway veils, guests wandering off, misbehaving children – a good second photographer will assist the main photographer to keep everything running as quickly and smoothly as possible. The second photographer can also shoot smaller frames within frames – candid moments within groups, or smaller portraits – away from the main groups.

Speech coverage and reaction shots

Two photographers means that you can get simultaneous coverage of the wedding speeches: plenty of guest reactions – plus the speaker – all the bits you won’t see during the wedding but will love to look back on.

More creativity

During the evening reception, the main photographer can spend more time working on creative lighting setups while your second photographer gets photos of everything else going on at that time, drinks reception, dancing etc.

As much as Heather and I love shooting together, having two wedding photographers isn’t always right for every wedding: if you only want one side of the  preparations photographed or if you’re having a very small wedding then having two photographers could be unnecessary.

If you’re unsure whether you’d like a second photographer at your wedding then why not get in touch to chat through your plans.

Alternatively, take a look at a few of the weddings Heather and I have shot together to help you decide if you’d like us both at your special day.

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