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We know that getting inspiration for anniversary gifts can be a struggle so we’ve put together a handy guide to give you some ideas. We’ve tried to provide options to suit a range of budgets and tastes. Our guides are based around suggestions for UK shoppers and should all be easily available on Amazon.

Paper Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas
Paper Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts – Paper

Just like a blank sheet of paper, the first year of marriage is the beginning of your lives together. Paper as a gifting theme offers lots of possibilities, and what’s more it’s a flexible theme that doesn’t have to involve breaking the bank for!

2nd Wedding Anniversary Gifts – Cotton

2 years of married life is like threads woven together symbolised by cotton. You could stay on the safe side of this anniversary theme by gifting cotton bed sheets or you could go for something a bit different with some of the gift ideas we’ve found below:

Cotton bedsheets
Cotton bedsheets

3rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts – Leather

Durable and protective, leather is a traditional symbol for 3 years of marriage. But we’ve found some lovely vegan and cruelty-free options too.

3rd Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas - leather wallet

4th Wedding Anniversary Gifts – Fruit & Flowers

By year 4 your marriage is likened to bountiful fruit and blossoming blooms and while your day-to-day life might not be quite so romantic, the fruit and flowers theme offers lots of options for gift giving!

4th Wedding anniversary gift ideas flowers

5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts – Wood

Strong and solid, after 5 years of marriage the roots of your relationship are intertwined like the roots of a tree. Wood doesn’t sound like a romantic gift theme but believe us there are lots of possibilities:

5th Wedding Anniversary gift ideas - wood

10th Wedding Anniversary Gifts – Tin

A decade of marriage is a wonderful milestone to reach, marked by tin. The tin symbol links back to its ability to preserve and prolong the life of what it is storing. It can be hard to find exciting tin gifts but we’ve found a few suggestions to help you out.

10th Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Tin

25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts – Silver

Silver is timeless, elegant and made to withstand life’s many knocks and bumps. It’s usually not difficult to find silver-themed gifts but what if you’re after something a bit different from picture frames and jewellery? We’ve put together a few suggestions for a silver wedding gift with a difference.

30th Wedding Anniversary Gifts – Pearl

Treasure from the heart of the ocean, pearls symbolise the precious wisdom the marriage has cultivated over the years. A string of pearls might not be your cup of tea so why not take a look at some of these pearl-themed suggestions instead?

Pearl wedding anniversary gift ideas

40th Wedding Anniversary Gifts – Ruby

25th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas Wedding Anniversary Gifts – SilverRed is the colour of love and 40 years of marriage is marked by the ever vibrant Ruby. Red gems might not be to everyone’s taste but we’ve found some lovely ruby-themed gifts ideas for you to choose from. 

50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts – Gold

50 years of marriage represented by gold: strong, solid, and precious. Gold symbolises 50 years of love that has built a solid foundation and gone from strength to strength. If gold jewellery isn’t to your taste or budget then gold-themed gifts are a popular gift choice

60th Wedding Anniversary Gifts – Diamond

Diamonds truly are forever. 60 years of marriage is a huge milestone marked by the most precious of all jewels, the diamond, a symbol of everlasting love. A diamond ring would make for a wonderful gift but something diamond-themed might be more within a lot of people budgets! 

Anniversary Gift Ideas

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