Wedding Photographer Sussex

I’m a Sussex Wedding Photographer & I take pretty pictures of people in love.

I’m based in Sussex and have had the pleasure of being a Wedding Photographer for the past 13+ years. I work in a relaxed way, to photograph the atmosphere of weddings. Capturing the story of your day with little details; moments, smiles and laughter.

I feel very lucky to be based here, it’s truly a beautiful place to be a photographer and I’m always so excited to photograph weddings in my home county. With such a huge range of landscapes to take photos – from the rolling hills of the south downs to the beautiful seaside, we’ve got something for every taste.

I grew up in Brighton, and I’m a pretty outdoorsy kind of guy, so I’ve spent my entire life getting to know the Sussex and it’s countryside. Over my 13+ year photography career, weddings have taken me all over from the alternative vibrancy of Brighton, the dramatic cliffs of Seven Sisters and Cuckmere Haven, the Seaside charm of Worthing beach to the rustic charm of villages and towns such as Lewes and Alfriston.


We have so many amazing venues in Sussex and I’ve had the pleasure of photographing at many of them – from the stunning Nymans Gardens, to the impeccably grand Royal Pavilion, to the sophistication of hotels such as Ashdown Park or Buxted Park. I’m also a regular at our beautiful array of wedding barns such as Pangdean Barns, Rumbles Barn and Grittenham Barn.


If you would like to see the latest wedding stories feel free to check out the blog, and If you’d like to see some of my recent Sussex Weddings, take a look at Sophie and Adam’s beautiful, detail filled Grittenham Barn WeddingLuki and Liam’s ultra relaxed, beach & teepee wedding or Leah and Adam’s boho, countryside delight .


I’m fortunate that popular dates often get taken 1-2 years in advance, so if you are interested in booking me for your wedding fill in the form below to check my availability and get more information.

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You’ve found the person you want to spend your life with (congratulations!), by now maybe you’ve spent ages agonising over when to get married, You’ve put in the time to find the perfect wedding venue to have your celebration, and discussed at length who (and who not!) to invite.

Well, finding and booking a wedding photographer is also an incredibly personal choice and can be a tough, overwhelming experience – but after the big day is over, the wedding photos (and maybe wedding video!) are the things you’ll treasure, you’ll use them to bring back all the memories, reminisce on how amazing the day was and have a giggle at how Aunt Gina was throwing shapes all evening.

So, as its such an incredibly big part of the process, picking the right Wedding Photographer is something you’ll want to get right and with so many different options out there (literally tens of thousands, we’ve checked!) how do you go about picking the right one for you?

Well, we’ve pulled together a few tips from our 14+ years experience, and from asking our past, present and future wedding couples – to help you in your decision.


Seriously. You’ll be spending time with this person in the build up to your wedding – planning and discussing the day, discussing your ideas, and on-the-day you’ll be spending more time with them than you will some of your friends – so make sure its someone you get on with! We’re pretty chilled and most people at weddings think we’re just friends of the bride and groom, albeit friends with big sexy cameras, but I can’t stress enough how important this is for the images we create, the stories we tell and the relationships we build up with our couples.


You can tell a lot about how someone works by looking at their photos and how they present themselves, of course – you’ll look through a fair few photographers portfolios when researching and finding the right wedding photographer. But look deeper, look analytically, look beyond the obvious – do the people look happy in the photos? do they look relaxed? You can’t fake that. It comes back to the relationship and rapport a really good wedding photographer will build with their couples. Look to see if the photos look staged, do the moments look real? A good photographer will blend in for large portions of the day, behaving just like a guest – so as not to remove you or your guests for them moment.

I’m a huge believer that your wedding should be all about you, your love, your family and friends – it’s not a day for my ego or for me to impose myself on your day.


Wedding photography prices are always a big subject of consternation – there are a plethora of different photographers and they cover a huge range of budgets, from the ultra high end to the more moderate budget, broadly speaking the higher priced the more experience, the more creative and the more in-demand a wedding photographer is.

Don’t be afraid to push your budget a little to get someone your really, really want – It’s a decision that will stick with you long after the wedding day & one that you won’t want to look back to with regrets. If money simply won’t stretch consider having someone really good for a little less of the day.

We hope these tips are helpful to you, for more tips and advice check out our upcoming article – choosing the perfect wedding photographer, which is part of a wider series of wedding planning articles and guides and if you have any questions, or would like to discuss your wedding, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.