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Charlotte & Robin

Published: 22/07/13 + Updated:1/04/20 by Simon Fazackarley

Charlotte and Robin got married at St. John the Baptist Church in Kemptown.

They used the ever popular Brighton wedding venue, Brighton College for their reception.

Brighton College’s Great Hall was decorated to perfection with shades of purple.

They did their photos on the lawns in the quad and around the chapel.

An Incredibly Luxurious day from beginning to end.

Charlotte & Robin are two of the loveliest people you can meet, Robin is a world reknown surgeon and Charlotte is an incredibly talented graphic designer who owns a design studio in Brighton – so going into their wedding it was clearly going to be beautiful, interesting, sophisticated and elegant.

It was such a pleasure to photograph their big day, Not least because their venues were steeped in my own personal history – but also because they are just thoroughly lovely people to spend time with.

They tied the knot at the lovely St. John the Baptist Church in Kemptown, many years ago I attended the School attached to that church, so we used to regularly attend & have christmas carol concerts there, & I’ve known the Priest – the wonderful Father Foley, for as long as I can remember!

Then they went onto the amazing Brighton college for their reception, a beautiful collection of buildings right in the heart of Kemptown – I sat their entrance exams when I was a child – but life had other plans for me.

It was great to be able to see the venues in completely new light for their wedding, all at once surreal and fantastic – filled with love and laughter, instead of exams & mandatory singing! Brighton college weddings are such a treat to do, the space lends itself to so many difference styles – I look forward to going back there in the future.

Beyond my own personal enjoyment of the venues and locations Charlotte and Robin had chosen, the day was delightful for a multitude of other reasons to – from the impeccable attention to detail Charlotte displayed throughout every step of the day, to the wonderful coordination her wedding planners offered and the venue styling her friends provided – everything ran like clockwork and looked amazing.

Our coverage starts in Brighton, at Charlotte and Robins beautiful home, where she got ready surrounded by her friends and family, along with her lovely friend Annie – who’s wedding I am excited to be photographing next year – who served as Bridesmaid Extraordinaire. Charlotte wore a wonderful custom made satin wedding dress which was the epitome of style and grace.

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