Published: 20/08/13 + Updated:15/05/19 by Simon Fazackarley

Steve & Jen’s wedding (part one! – part two can be found here!!) took place last November, in Brighton – it was a secret ceremony with only myself and two witnesses present – witnesses who go by the name Marilyn & Elvis…

Jeni is an amazing, incredibly well regarded makeup artist so for her to choose me to document their wedding(s!) was an insanely huge honour (no pressure!!), as she’s worked with so many different photographers, across so many different genres – including high fashion shoots for the top magazines & brands. it was such a compliment that she would pick me to capture their weddings!

Anyway, We started off having a little engagement session fun around the Lanes of Brighton & ended up with a wedding at brighton town hall, it was a roller coaster of a day. One that I am immeasurably grateful to have been a part of!

Their wedding has been featured on RocknRollBride, so head over there for the full write up!

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