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Kylie & Gez

Published: 19/12/10 + Updated:1/04/20 by Simon Fazackarley

A Saturday, a few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of photographing Kylie & Gez’s wedding at Crawley Registy Office! Now, 5 weeks before there wedding I hadn’t even heard of Kylie & Gez, they were putting together their wedding in a very short space of time & only contacted me a few weeks before the big day! But from meeting them, listening to their plans, I knew their wedding was going to be a relaxed affair & I knew I wanted to be a part of it!!

Then we did a little engagement session a week before the big day & I found how insanely easy Kylie & Gez are to photograph, so I knew this was going to be one Saturday to remember!! and it was!!

I started the day with Kylie at a Bed & Breakfast in Surrey, besides being a nightmare to find (Suffice to say, Satnav & I are no longer talking…), its was an absolutely lovely location!!

Crawley-Wedding-Fazackarley-Kylie-and-Gez-01 Crawley-Wedding-Fazackarley-Kylie-and-Gez-02 Crawley-Wedding-Fazackarley-Kylie-and-Gez-03 Crawley-Wedding-Fazackarley-Kylie-and-Gez-04 Crawley-Wedding-Fazackarley-Kylie-and-Gez-05 Crawley-Wedding-Fazackarley-Kylie-and-Gez-06 Crawley-Wedding-Fazackarley-Kylie-and-Gez-07 Crawley-Wedding-Fazackarley-Kylie-and-Gez-08 Crawley-Wedding-Fazackarley-Kylie-and-Gez-09 Crawley-Wedding-Fazackarley-Kylie-and-Gez-10 Crawley-Wedding-Fazackarley-Kylie-and-Gez-11 Crawley-Wedding-Fazackarley-Kylie-and-Gez-12 Crawley-Wedding-Fazackarley-Kylie-and-Gez-13 Crawley-Wedding-Fazackarley-Kylie-and-Gez-14 Crawley-Wedding-Fazackarley-Kylie-and-Gez-15 Crawley-Wedding-Fazackarley-Kylie-and-Gez-16 Crawley-Wedding-Fazackarley-Kylie-and-Gez-17 Crawley-Wedding-Fazackarley-Kylie-and-Gez-18 Crawley-Wedding-Fazackarley-Kylie-and-Gez-19 Crawley-Wedding-Fazackarley-Kylie-and-Gez-20 Crawley-Wedding-Fazackarley-Kylie-and-Gez-21 Crawley-Wedding-Fazackarley-Kylie-and-Gez-22 Crawley-Wedding-Fazackarley-Kylie-and-Gez-23 Crawley-Wedding-Fazackarley-Kylie-and-Gez-24 Crawley-Wedding-Fazackarley-Kylie-and-Gez-25 Crawley-Wedding-Fazackarley-Kylie-and-Gez-26 Crawley-Wedding-Fazackarley-Kylie-and-Gez-27 Crawley-Wedding-Fazackarley-Kylie-and-Gez-28 Crawley-Wedding-Fazackarley-Kylie-and-Gez-29 Crawley-Wedding-Fazackarley-Kylie-and-Gez-30 Crawley-Wedding-Fazackarley-Kylie-and-Gez-31 Crawley-Wedding-Fazackarley-Kylie-and-Gez-32

Thanks Kylie & Gez, for including me in your day!! & your friends & family for welcoming me so warmly!! – Time well spent!

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