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Melanie & Richard

Published: 9/07/14 + Updated:1/04/20 by Simon Fazackarley

Team Faz went off on a mega road trip for Richard and Mel’s wedding, and we loaded up the car with travel sweets for our 5 hour journey from Brighton to the beautiful village of Clitheroe in Lancashire (we don’t usually need an excuse for Haribo Sours). A big thanks to The Lawsons for recommending us for this one!

We always do a weather check before a wedding, but hearing the words ‘Biblical storms’ was enough to almost make us weep into our camera bags. Did it rain on the day, erm, yes. Did Richard and Mel give two hoots? As you’ll see from the photos, not in the slightest!

We started the day with Melanie and the girls for the bridal preparations at the Gatehouse of Eaves Hall, and we were both greeted with hugs from the lovely Mel.  In fact Mel has to be one of the most serene brides we’ve met in a long while!

This was such a lovely wedding with so many personal touches: Mel was given away at the church by her Mum and her sister gave one of the speeches during the meal.  And in a bit of a break from tradition Richard took the lead in the wedding organisation and his aunt and uncle designed the gorgeous, orders of service, menus and table plans.

We also mustn’t forget to give a mention to the Eaves Hall events manager, Barry, who was an absolute delight to work with – we’ve never been so well-fed at a wedding before and we even got dessert! Air punch!

A truly fab wedding – Mel and Richard didn’t stop smiling all day – just goes to show you don’t need sunshine to have an absolutely perfect day, although we suspect their honeymoon in Australia more than made up for all the rain!

Lancashire-Wedding-Melanie-Richard-013 Lancashire-Wedding-Mel-Richard-005 Lancashire-Wedding-Mel-Richard-003 Lancashire-Wedding-Mel-Richard-006 Lancashire-Wedding-Mel-Richard-007 Lancashire-Wedding-Mel-Richard-009 Lancashire-Wedding-Mel-Richard-010 Lancashire-Wedding-Mel-Richard-012 Lancashire-Wedding-Mel-Richard-014 MR20140607_026 Lancashire-Wedding-Mel-Richard-018 Lancashire-Wedding-Mel-Richard-017 Lancashire-Wedding-Mel-Richard-020 Lancashire-Wedding-Mel-Richard-019 Lancashire-Wedding-Mel-Richard-021 Lancashire-Wedding-Mel-Richard-022 Lancashire-Wedding-Mel-Richard-023 Lancashire-Wedding-Mel-Richard-024 Lancashire-Wedding-Mel-Richard-026 Lancashire-Wedding-Mel-Richard-027 Lancashire-Wedding-Mel-Richard-032 Lancashire-Wedding-Mel-Richard-028 Lancashire-Wedding-Mel-Richard-029 Lancashire-Wedding-Mel-Richard-030 MR20140607_133 Lancashire-Wedding-Mel-Richard-013 Lancashire-Wedding-Mel-Richard-036 Lancashire-Wedding-Mel-Richard-037 Lancashire-Wedding-Mel-Richard-038 Lancashire-Wedding-Mel-Richard-040 Lancashire-Wedding-Mel-Richard-041 Lancashire-Wedding-Mel-Richard-031 Lancashire-Wedding-Mel-Richard-034 Lancashire-Wedding-Mel-Richard-042 Lancashire-Wedding-Mel-Richard-044 Lancashire-Wedding-Mel-Richard-045 Lancashire-Wedding-Mel-Richard-046 Lancashire-Wedding-Melanie-Richard-001 Lancashire-Wedding-Mel-Richard-049 Lancashire-Wedding-Mel-Richard-050 Lancashire-Wedding-Mel-Richard-051 Lancashire-Wedding-Melanie-Richard-002 Lancashire-Wedding-Melanie-Richard-003 Lancashire-Wedding-Mel-Richard-057 Lancashire-Wedding-Mel-Richard-070 Lancashire-Wedding-Mel-Richard-058 MR20140607_002 Lancashire-Wedding-Mel-Richard-060 Lancashire-Wedding-Melanie-Richard-011 Lancashire-Wedding-Melanie-Richard-007 Lancashire-Wedding-Melanie-Richard-004 Lancashire-Wedding-Mel-Richard-064 Lancashire-Wedding-Mel-Richard-062 Lancashire-Wedding-Mel-Richard-059 MR20140607_564 Lancashire-Wedding-Mel-Richard-067 Lancashire-Wedding-Mel-Richard-068 Lancashire-Wedding-Mel-Richard-069 Lancashire-Wedding-Mel-Richard-071 Lancashire-Wedding-Melanie-Richard-012 Lancashire-Wedding-Mel-Richard-072 Lancashire-Wedding-Mel-Richard-073 Lancashire-Wedding-Mel-Richard-074 Lancashire-Wedding-Mel-Richard-075 Lancashire-Wedding-Mel-Richard-076 Lancashire-Wedding-Mel-Richard-077 Lancashire-Wedding-Mel-Richard-079 Lancashire-Wedding-Mel-Richard-080 Lancashire-Wedding-Mel-Richard-081 Lancashire-Wedding-Mel-Richard-078 Lancashire-Wedding-Mel-Richard-082 Lancashire-Wedding-Mel-Richard-083 Lancashire-Wedding-Mel-Richard-084 Lancashire-Wedding-Mel-Richard-085

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