Firle Place Riding Shool Wedding – Katie & Charles

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Katie & Charles were married a few weeks ago at Firle Place Riding School – a hugely popular country house wedding venue in Sussex and one I’ve had the pleasure of returning to many times over the years for weddings.

I’m a big believer that it’s the people that make a wedding, it’s not always about the venue, the weather or the details. Ok, so it also helped the visual side of things that they had a beautiful venue, beautiful weather, beautiful details and an all-star team of suppliers. But at the end of the day, people make the wedding – my role is all about capturing those human moments, the little laughs, the looks and the feelings – and this day had that by the shed load.

Katie and Charles brought together a great group of people – who were all ready for a great time. A bunch that welcomed me into the fold immediately and didn’t hold back in expressing their love for Katie and Charles from beginning to end, the kind of crowd that makes it tough to leave at the end of the day for fear of missing another wonderful moment – so much so I think I may have stayed way later than originally planned!

Katie and Charles, your story was beautiful and I’m proud to have told it for you and thank you for trusting me in the evening with the mini-hike across a sheep-poop covered field, you are stars.