Goodwood House Wedding Photography

Katherine & Dominic

Published: 18/02/14 + Updated:1/04/20 by Simon Fazackarley

Katherine and Dominic’s Goodwood House wedding was a truly sophisticated and stylish day filled with emotion.

  • The bride wore a Lusan Mandongus dress & Manolo Blahnik shoes.
  • Wedding ceremony was at Goodwood House.
  • Drinks reception on the lawns in front of the house.
  • The groom hired a Spitfire for a flyover, during the drinks.
  • A luxurious wedding breakfast in the beautiful dining room.
  • They explored the estate in a golf buggy for their photographs.
  • They danced the night away in style.
  • A beautiful day, from beginning to end.

Goodwood House is a such a special venue for a wedding. The sweeping drive is just magnificent. The entire estate is steeped in history, having been home to the Dukes of Richmond for over 300 years. It was wonderful to witness Dominic and Katherine making their very own history in such an historic location.

“…Incredible… Stunning Images!”

They invited us along to capture the story of their whole day, from start to finish, so the coverage commences with the ladies getting ready at the nearby Goodwood Hotel – a popular choice for people having weddings at Goodwood House.

The hotel was a perfect setting for the morning of their special day. Katherine surrounded herself with a lovely group of her closest friends and family, and her adorable flower girls had a delightful time running around the hotel room – distracting everyone from any nervousness!

We then moved onto Goodwood House where we met the lovely Dominic, who was ensuring everyone was greeted warmly and well taken care of, while he eagerly and nervously awaited the arrival of Katherine.

Katherine looked stunning, wearing the most spectacular Lusan Mandongus dress, paired beautifully with a stunning pair of blue Manolo Blahnik shoes.

Prior to their wedding Dominic had let us into a secret that he had planned – he had gone to great lengths to ensure a truly ‘wow!’ moment during their drinks reception, by organising a Spitfire fly over. So, In the afternoon after sampling all the delicious hors d’œuvres and champagne – all the guests were led outside onto the lawns for the private air display – an incredibly special wedding gift, I think you’ll agree!

It’s stereotypically English to talk about the weather – but it was such a treat that the sun was shining on Sussex throughout the day and offered us the opportunity to go exploring the glorious grounds surrounding Goodwood House for some stylish couple photographs in some of the most stunning autumn light we’ve ever seen.

We’re immensely grateful to Katherine and Dominic for including us in their plans and having us to photograph their special day!

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