Nonsuch Mansion Wedding

Hannah & Thomas

Published: 25/06/14 + Updated:1/05/19 by Simon Fazackarley

Nonsuch Mansion Wedding Photography

Nothing makes a wedding photographer happier than a gorgeous wedding venue, sunny weather and a brilliant wedding party. Hannah and Thomas’s wedding at Nonsuch Mansion in Surrey was all that and more!

We’ve not shot at Nonsuch Mansion before and we were seriously impressed – it’s a glorious venue stepped in Tudor history and that’s exactly why history fan Hannah chose it.

Our first stop was Hannah’s parents house in Sunbury to meet up with Hannah and the girls, before heading off to Nonsuch Mansion in Surrey for the final bridal preparations, ceremony and reception.

After a really lovely ceremony, which looked out onto the grounds of Nonsuch, we had some time to steal Hannah and Tom off for some couple shots – they even got a few congratulatory beeps and waves from passers by!

This wedding had such a great vibe to it and it was great to see the friends and family showcasing some seriously impressive dance floor moves later on in the evening. We also mustn’t forget to say a huge thank you to Grace and all the other lovely staff at Nonsuch Mansion for looking after Heather and I all day and ensuring we were well feed!

And on a side note, I think Hannah’s mum Sue should seriously consider a career as a wedding planner as she was a superstar all day, doing last minute sewing alterations, calming nerves and providing an endless supply of homemade sausage rolls to the wedding party before the ceremony.

Congratulations Hannah and Thomas and hope you had a great honeymoon!

Simon & Heather x

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Nonsuch Mansion Wedding Prices

We get alot of emails from people asking us about how much it costs to get married at Nonsuch Mansion, and whilst I’m not able to offer exact details on pricing, (You’re probably best contacting them directly!). But what I can say is that its an incredible venue, surrounded by beautiful gardens & it really suits a wide variety of weddings, but especially classy, sophisticated affairs!


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